Chesador Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Chesador is a mixture of two interesting dog breeds named Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Labrador Retriever. The parent dog breeds originated from Canada and the United States. These hybrid canines are playful, loving, and intelligent dogs. These dogs love to play with kids and other pets in the house. They also love to go outside and make new friends. These dogs are trained easily by the owner. The Chesador mixed breed required a lot of attention from the owner. They require low maintenance as compared to the other dogs. They are non-hypoallergenic and shed moderately according to the season. These dogs are of high energy that sometimes becomes difficult to control.

    Chesador Temperament

    Chesador is a mixed breed dog. They are social, talented, and affectionate. If you provide them with proper training, it makes them obedient dogs. These dogs are also very talented, and their talent attracts everyone. They swim like professionals and also love to play with others in the water. These dogs are fond of entertaining people. You can efficiently train this dog without any type of problem and help. These dogs are quick learners, and they pick up the points quickly. They follow their rules and stay punctual. Their loyalty is only with the owner because they do not like strangers who come into the house. 

    Chesador Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

    Chesador Size

    Chesador dogs are entertaining dogs. These dogs entertain everyone, and they are always ready to participate in entertaining games and activities. Their average size is medium to large. On average, their weight may range from 55 pounds to 100 pounds. These dogs can jump at a high point because they have a perfect height. If their height is measured from the shoulder, it varies from 56 cm to 62 cm. They also have a thick-layered coat. On their coat, they have short, straight, and soft hair. These dogs are available in many colors, including black, reddish-yellow, and brown.

    Chesador Lifespan

    Chesador mixed breed dogs are social dogs. They like to go for a walk daily to maintain their personality and fitness. So, that is why they live a longer lifespan as compared to the other dogs. Their life expectancy may range from 10 years to 13 years. Chesador mixed dogs may reach up to 15 years even with the illness. When they are four years old, they mature. They may suffer from some genetic issues, including obesity and spay or neuter. Spay and neuter diseases are common in males and females. Improper exercise and diet may also reduce some years of their life. 

    Chesador Adoption

    Chesador dogs are protective dogs who actively protect their owner all the time when they go outside with them. If you are a businessman and face issues with others, this breed is suitable for you. If you want this breed, you can easily buy them from every adoption spot. These dogs are also available at a rescue center and shelter home. If you are a busy person, this breed is not suitable for you because they become sad and anxious when you leave them alone. They are easily adjustable in every type of environment. If you are living in a small apartment or house, these dogs are suitable to adopt.

    Chesador Price

    Chesador mixed breed dogs are more expensive as compared to the other larger dogs. On average, their price may range from 800 dollars to 1500 dollars. If you buy this breed from a rescue center and a shelter home, their cost will be cheaper. Their puppies are more expensive than adult dogs. If you buy this breed from a reputable breeder, their price is high. Adoption from a breeder could range from 1400 dollars to 6000 dollars. So, before purchasing, you should look at your budget. After adoption, you have to spend on their grooming, diet, and medical tests. These mixed breed dogs require low maintenance.

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