Dashalier Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Dashalier is a hybrid dog whose parent breeds are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Dachshund dog. These dogs originated from Germany and the United Kingdom. These dogs are loyal, affectionate, and protective. These mixed breed dogs are loyal to their owners. They are medium to large. They require a lot of attention and love. These mixed breed dogs shed minimally to moderately according to the season. Dashalier mixed dogs are non-hypoallergenic dogs. They require low to moderate maintenance from the owner. Dashalier mixed dogs live a longer lifespan as compared to the other dogs. 

    Dashalier Temperament

    Dashalier is a mixed breed dog. These dogs are loving, playful, and sweet. These dogs speak softly. They love to go outside because they like to make new relationships with other dogs and people. These are family dogs. They also participate in family activities and like to sit in family gatherings. You can also take them to social parties and other friend gatherings. Dashalier mixed breed dogs love to play with kids and other pets in the house. You can easily train this dog if you are a free person because this dog is not suitable for a busy person. 

    Dashalier Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

    Dashalier Size

    Dashalier is a protective dog. They protect all of them who live in the house, especially their owners. These dogs are medium to large. On average, their weight may range from 11 pounds to 34 pounds. They have a good height as compared to the others. When their height is measured from the shoulder, it may vary from 20 cm to 33 cm. They have a fine layer coat. On their coat, they have short, silky, smooth, and medium-length hair. Dashalier mixed breed dogs are available in many colors to include a rich red shade with a white and black combination. 

    Dashalier Lifespan

    Dashalier is an independent dog. When they go for a walk they become happy and fresh. These are healthier dogs so that is why they live a longer lifespan as compared to the other dogs. Their life expectancy may range from 9 years to 15 years. These dogs may reach up to 12 years to 15 years even with the illness. When they are four years old, they mature. These dogs have some medical issues including back problems because they have a long back. The other health problem is patellar luxation. Patellar luxation disease is the most common disease in many other dogs. 

    Dashalier Adoption

    Dashalier dogs do not like to live in small apartments. These dogs are not suitable for busy people. If you are a busy person you should not buy this breed. These dogs are easily available at every adoption spot. You can easily buy this dog from a rescue center and shelter home. If you buy this breed from a reputable breeder, they are a bit trained. After adoption, you may take care of their diet and medical issues. If you live in a small apartment this breed is not suitable for you because they do not like to live in small places. 

    Dashalier Price

    Dashalier is an expensive dog as compared to the other larger dogs. Their price may range from 200 dollars to 3500 dollars. If you buy this breed from a rescue center and a shelter home their price will be cheaper. Their puppies are also very expensive when bought from a reputable breeder or a pet shop. Their price may range from 1500 dollars to 2500 dollars. After adoption, you may have to spend on their grooming. These mixed breed dogs require low to moderate maintenance. Dashalier mix dogs are good for walking and jogging. you can take them out to keep company.

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