Beveren rabbit Origin, Personality, Facts, Meat Quality

Beveren rabbit is one of the popular rabbit breeds. The breed of these rabbits is domesticated. These rabbits are good for home, kids, and family members. These Beveren rabbits are available in many colors: white, black, grey, and many other common colors. These rabbits are large. When you measure their size, they may range from 10 pounds to 12 pounds. The male and female Beveren rabbits are different in size. The female rabbits are large as compared to the males. These Beveren rabbits live a longer lifespan, and their life expectancy may range from 5 to 10 years. 

    Beveren rabbit Origin

    The Beveren rabbits originated from England. The name of their first breed was derived from the town of Beveren in Belgium. So, they are named after the region of their origin. The popularity of these rabbits grew in 1918; the club of Beveren rabbits was founded in the same year. The breed of these rabbits was also grown in the United Kingdom. In 1919, these rabbits were moved to America. The Association of American Breeders accepted this breed.

    Beveren rabbit Origin, Personality, Facts, Meat Quality

    Beveren rabbit Personality

    The personality of these rabbits is unique compared to the other similar breeds. These Beveren rabbits look very beautiful. These rabbits are friendly and a good choice for everyone. These Beveren rabbits are energetic, docile, playful, and loving. They like to spend more time with their friends and family members. They love to play with their favorite person. They are non-aggressive rabbits. They get frightened at first when you pick them up in your lap. Later they feel comfortable and at ease. The Beveren rabbits are also considered well-mannered animals amongst the others. 

    Beveren rabbit Facts 

    The Beveren rabbit is the most popular and interesting breed and is well-known worldwide for its unique temperament. These rabbits require special and proper care from an experienced owner. The ears of these rabbits are also large according to their large size. On average, the size of their ears may range from 5 inches to 6 inches. These rabbits are herbivores. They are usually kept in a cage. The requirements of their cage are 4 to 5 square feet for the floor and 14 inches for the height of the cage. 

    Beveren rabbit Meat Quality

    People often eat the meat of these rabbits. The meat of these rabbits is mostly eaten in New Zealand and California. The research is still going on whether they are safe to eat or not. If you want to try the meat of Beverners, you should start with the New Zealand white Beverners and California Beverners. Beveren rabbits in these regions are very cheap. You can easily buy them from a commercial market and stock their meat at home. These two breeds are proven safe to eat. Daily intake of their meat is not recommended because it may cause problems to the stomach.

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