Crested Duck Male vs Female

Crested ducks are domestic ducks. These Crested ducks originated from the United States but are common in the areas of South America. These ducks look pretty and elegant, resembling birds. The temperament and behavior of these ducks are friendly and playful. These ducks are a good choice for home and family members. These ducks belong to the class of the birds named Aves. This class is a part of the Kingdom Animalia.

    Crested Duck Male vs. Female Difference

    The male and female crested ducks are different in size. The male ducks are heavier as compared to the females. The female size may vary from 2 kg to 2.7 kg. The drakes size may range from 3 kg to 3.5 kg. These ducks have many versions. Each version has different colors and different sizes. These Crested ducks live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may range from 8 years to 12 years. These ducks require domestic care. The male crested ducks have a prominent crest as compared to the females. The winter season is suitable for their breeding because they are very active in the winter season.

    Crested Duck Male vs Female

    Crested Duck Characteristics

    The features of these ducks are unique and beautiful compared to the other ducks. They have long and straight necks. They have long legs and long beaks, the color of their legs is pale orange. These ducks are available in many common colors, primarily blue, grey, black, and buff. If their body color is different, then the colors of their beaks and legs are also different. These Crested ducks are small to medium. 

    When the female ducks mature, they can easily lay eggs at the age of five months to six months. The female ducks lay 100 eggs to 130 eggs in one year. They have beautiful crests on their heads. These crests are heavy. That is why they can not fly easily. These Crested ducks are very friendly. When they play with their friends, they become happy and fit. They do not have much differences in their males and females. If you provide them proper care, they can easily live a much longer life, around 19 years to 20 years. 

    They can easily swim in the swimming pool and would like to swim with their friends. They may have some health issues as well. They do not want to live alone. If they live alone, they become sad and anxious. Because of their sadness, they may suffer from serious health issues. That is why these are not suitable for busy routine people. You can easily buy these ducks from commercial areas. If you are not a businessman, these ducks are expensive for you. There is a minor cost difference between male and female crested ducks. The female’s price may range from 11 dollars to 15 dollars. But the male’s price may range from 5 dollars to 8 dollars.

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