Florida Cracker Pros and Cons

Florida cracker cattle are extremely close to Pineywoods cattle, although Florida cracker cattle share a major difference in their origin. According to their name, Florida Crackers are derived from Florida. Other names for Florida cracker cattle breeds are Florida scrub and Cracker cow. Florida cracker cattle come in numerous colors but are mainly available in dappled-grey/blue, dappled-brown, solid white, solid brown, white with black spots, white with brown spots, all black, and in some cases, pure golden palomino. 

Both male and female Florida crackers have horns. Florida cracker cattle breed is one of the breed sent by Spain when claiming the New World. The Florida cracker cattle and other breeds that originated in these circumstances are called “Criollo cattle,” meaning they are “of European origin but born in the New World. The Florida cracker breed was gradually crossed with some other breeds to adopt some desirable traits. 

    Although purebred Florida crackers cattle have not been crossbred with any English bred, such as the Pineywoods. A small number of families continued the pure bloodline. In the early 1990s, this task was assumed by Pineywoods Cattle Registry and Breeders Association and Florida Cracker cattle Association.

    Florida Cracker Pros

    The Florida cracker cattle are a breed of beef cattle. Florida crackers are small breeds that quickly adapted to the Florida landscape. Florida cracker cattle have been long admired for their opposition to parasites and other hardy traits. Florida cracker cattle breeds are mainly used for the production of meat. Florida cracker cattle can be easily handled with proper care.

    Florida Cracker Pros and Cons

    Florida cracker cattle are malleable. Florida cracker cattle are habituated to all types of climatic conditions. Florida cracker cattle are largely inhabited on the fodder located in the surroundings of the grassland of the swamps of the deep South. A single Florida dairy cow produces around 6  to 8 gallons of milk each day. Per day a single Florida dairy cow is milked 2 to 3 times.

    Florida Cracker Cons

    Besides advantages, Florida cracker cattle farming also has some disadvantages. The dampness and heat of Florida’s climate make life more difficult for the breed of Florida cracker cattle. The warmth and wet conditions of Florida increase the health issues of Florida cracker breed. Health problems in Florida’s cattle include Mastitis. It is an ordinary yet serious bacterial infection of the mammary gland. 

    The dairy herd of Florida cracker’s cattle needs more nutrients and feed than the beef herd. Florida cracker cattle are also a cause of deforestation. Overgrazing and the tremendous movement of Florida’s cracker cattle can destroy many forests and land. Massive movement of Florida’s cattle leaves the land infertile and does not permit the regrowth of plants.

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