Mulefoot Pig Pros and Cons

The Mulefoot Pig is a domestic American breed. Its features are very distinctive. The origin of these pigs is not confirmed yet. The breed of these pigs has been very rare for a few years. The temperament and behavior of these pigs are docile and gentle. These are uniquely available in black color. They have specific abilities to train their babies perfectly. Their babies are also very active and quickly responsive. 

    The size of these pigs is small to medium. Their size may vary from 400 pounds to 600 pounds. The female Mulefoot pig is small compared to the male Mulefoot pig. They can easily grow to their maximum size in a few months. These Mulefoot pigs live a longer lifespan than the other typical pig breeds. If you want to buy a pair of these pigs, please consider your budget. The average cost for a single pig may range from 200 dollars to 275 dollars. But a pair of pigs is much more expensive than an individual. Their price may range from 200 dollars to 300 dollars. 

    Mulefoot Pig Pros and Cons

    Mulefoot Pig Pros

    • You can easily keep these Mulefoot pigs at home because of their docile nature.
    • They do not want more time to play with you. 
    • These Mulefoot pigs are suitable for everyone, including kids and adults. 
    • Their meat is very delicious and liked by most of the population. 
    • If you are a busy person, you can easily keep them home.  
    • Their meat is suitable and non-allergenic.
    • They do not require special care. 
    • They can live alone and do not require any company. 
    • These Mulefoot pigs are friendly. 
    • Their friendly behavior attracts everyone who lives in the house. 
    • You can easily train this pig. 
    • They are quick learners. 
    • These Mulefoot pigs are non-aggressive.  
    • They can easily be kept with the other animals. 
    • They also feel easy and comfortable while grazing with other animals already living with them. 
    • These pigs are not dangerous to the people and animals. 

    Mulefoot Pig Cons

    • The Mulefoot pigs are bit expensive. 
    • You can not easily buy this breed. 
    • They have some critical health issues that may involve some genetic and acquired health diseases. 
    • It would be best to take them to a veterinary doctor for a regular checkup. 
    • Excessive consumption of their meat may lead to some serious health problems. 
    • The routine diet of their meat is not safe. 
    • They require a proper and high-quality diet. 
    • If you do not provide them food on time, they become sad and anxious. 
    • They do not feel at ease in the small space because they feel irritated by the other animals. 
    • They may get stubborn sometimes so you need to keep an eye on them.

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