Randall Lineback Cattle, Temperament, Origin, Milk Production, Weight

Randall Lineback is an American all-purpose breed. Randall Lineback is a purebred line, back patterned cattle. According to folklore, the Randall Linebacks are the ancient and rare dairy breed in the United States.  The Livestock Conservancy estimates that there are approximately 500 of these animals left in the wild today, despite the fact that they were originally believed to be in a position of critical endangerment.

Everett Randall and his son reportedly maintained a closed herd on their property in Sunderland, Vermont, for more than eighty years. It is commonly believed that the Randall Linebacks are descended from a cross between Dutch, French, and English cattle. Randall was a cattle breeder in the past. The Randalls are regarded to be a "landrace" breed, which means that they are descended from the native cattle that were typical in New England throughout the 19th century.

    Randall Lineback Cattle Origin

    Although the origin of Randall's linebackers is not clear, it is expected that Randall Lineback breeds originated from England from a mixture of English, Dutch and French cattle. A couple in Massachusetts brought the Randall herd after the death of Everett Randall. This couple was not interested in keeping the Randall herd, but they also wanted to make money. Sadly most of the cattle were in disapproving condition. Cynthia Creech transforms them into a magnificent herd of working cattle with her hard work.

    Randall Lineback Cattle, Temperament, Origin, Milk Production, Weight

    Randall Lineback Cattle Temperament

    Randall Lineback breed is obedient when they are handled properly. Randall Lineback cattle vary in size. Their different color and quality of being prepared to do something make them attractive draft animals. The Randall Lineback cattle breed remembers their pieces of training for a lifetime. All of the modifications are remarkable, especially as opposed to the background of green grass. Randall Lineback cattle are uniquely adapted to modified and low-input farming systems. Randall Lineback is a highly intelligent breed. Randall Lineback cattle have a highly strong maternal ability. Randall Lineback cattle are also firmly survival instincts. Randall Lineback cattle can tolerate all types of climatic conditions.

    Randall Lineback Cattle Milk Production

    Randall line back cattle are triple-purpose breeds. Purposes of Randall Lineback cattle include milk production, reproduction, and meat production. Randall Lineback cattle are closely organized to increase breed numbers and maintain genetic health. When discussing animal draft power, Randall Lineback cattle shines among other breeds. Multi-purpose Randall Lineback cattle are milky enough to produce 2 gallons of milk per day. Milk produced by Randall Lineback cattle is high butterfat milk. This amount of milk production depends on their good grass-based diet. Milk production of Randall Lineback cattle contains 3.7% butter and 3.2% protein.

    Randall Lineback Cattle Weight

    Randall Lineback cattle are quite varying in size. Depending on their type, the size of Randall Lineback cattle varies from small to medium. Female Randall Lineback cattle are excellent natural incubators. Mature female Randall Lineback cattle may range from 600 pounds to over 1100 pounds, and the weight of male Randall Lineback is approximately 1000 pounds to 1800 pounds. Randall Lineback cattle are also well known for their excellent beef quality.

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