Sebastopol Geese Male vs Female

Sebastopol geese are well-known by their common names worldwide. Their common names are available as a Danubian goose, curl goose, and the other one is Strupp Guns. These Sebastopol geese originated from Crimea, and then they were sent to England from the areas of Port Sevastopol. These geese belong to the Aves class of the kingdom Animalia. The population of these geese has not been measured yet because these are available in many areas worldwide. 

    They like to live in grassy areas. When they live in a grassy area, they become happy and feel comfortable. They are very friendly and make a lot of friends irrespective of the breed. The Sebastopol geese love to swim in lakes and ponds. They require average weather to live a healthy, active life. The Sebastopol male and female geese live a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may range from 20 years to 25 years if you provide them with proper care.

    Sebastopol Geese Male vs. Female

    The female geese lay 25 to 35 eggs. After laying eggs, the male and female geese protect their eggs. Both parents share the responsibility. The male and female geese almost have the same features. Both are available in white color, but they also have grey-colored feathers on their bodies. The bills of both male and female geese are available in orange color.

    Sebastopol Geese Male vs Female

    The Sebastopol male geese have more curly hair on their tail than the female. That is why you can easily differentiate between them. The sound of the male geese is much louder than the females. The Sebastopol female speaks softly. The male geese are larger compared to the females. The weight of the male geese is also heavier than the female Sebastopol geese. If you measure their size, the male size may vary from 12 pounds to 14 pounds compared to the female size, varying from 10 pounds to 12 pounds.

    The feathers of both male and female geese are also large. Both of them can not fly easily because of their heavier weight. The name goose is for the females, but the males are called ganders. Both of them are friendly-natured. They are excited when they play with a particular person. They eat same food items. The male and female 

    Sebastopol geese are available at different prices. Sebastopol female geese are more expensive than the males. If you want to buy these geese, you should look at your budget. The cost of female geese may vary from 100 dollars to 160 dollars, whereas the cost of male Sebastopol geese may range from 60 dollars to 70 dollars. They require extraordinary care from the owner or their favorite person who lives in the house. The Sebastopol geese do not like to live alone, so these are not suitable for busy people.

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