Vaynol Cattle Origin, Characteristics, Milk Production, Price

The Vaynol cattle is one of the rarest cattle below 150 registered cattle of breeding animals in the United Kingdom. Vaynol cattle breeds are registered as “critical” in the Rare Breed Survival Trust list. At that time, in the United Kingdom, there were formally three herds of registered Vaynol cattle. By assembling the still existing herds of Vaynol cattle, Rare Breed Survival Trust is attempting to keep the Vaynol breed alive. To organize a genetic profile of the Vaynol breed, a five-year conservation project was begun by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust and Temple Newsam.

    Vaynol Cattle Origin

    In Wales, Vaynol cattle originated from a herd. It was a semi-wild herd initially established in 1872 in Vaynol Park, North Wale. The history of the Vaynol cattle breed stems from over a hundred years ago. Then in 1980, the Vaynol cattle breed was reserved there till the death of the owner Sir Michael Duff. That kind of herd did not survive in large numbers. Until 1989, there was hardly one existing herd of Vaynol cattle. Roundabout, after 4 years, the herd was purchased by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST). At that time, the Vaynol cattle herd migrated approximately four times, searching for a constant home.

    Vaynol Cattle Origin, Characteristics, Milk Production, Price

    Vaynol Cattle Characteristics

    Vaynol cattle are almost identical to White Park. The Vaynol cattle have angular features with curved hocks. Common colors of Vaynol cattle can be white with black spots or sometimes completely black. The average weight of a bull is approximately 880 lb to 990 lb, and of a cow is 660 lb to 770 lb. Due to its small size and less weight, the nutritional requirements of Vaynol cattle are less compared to other cattle. Vaynol cattle remain careful in the use of resources. The Vaynol cattle are hardy in temperament. Vaynol cattle are unlikely to complete their physical development unless given supplementary feeding.

    Vaynol Cattle Milk Production

    The milk yield of the Vaynol cattle breed is poor. Vaynol cattle are magnificent in conservation grazing. Usually, a beef suckler cow produces 4 to 5 liters of milk per day, and dairy cows produce approximately 26 to 28 liters of milk for 10 months. However, Vaynol cattle are mainly used for beef production and leather production. The average milk production of the Vaynol cattle is less than other breeds as this breed is not mainly used for milk production. Each Vaynol cow produces approximately 6 to 8 kg of milk per day.

    Vaynol Cattle Price

    The Vaynol cattle breed was known as the wild cattle breed long ago. This breed is considered a semi-feral breed with time because of its current endangered status and increasing contact with humans. The Vaynol cattle breed is very rare. Agricultural industries choose those kinds of breeds that feed up quickly. By intensive feeding, they manage the demand for cheap meat through high consumers. Rare breeds like Vaynol cattle take more time to grow; therefore, the feeding cost of this type of breed is very high. That is why the Vaynol breed is considered an expensive breed, and meat charges are also high.

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