American Black Duck Male vs Female

American Black ducks are the heaviest among other duck breeds in the town. These ducks are found in North America. That is why the other name of these ducks is North American duck. These ducks are docile, social, and loving. The American black duck also belongs to the same class “Aves” as the other birds, ducks, and geese belong. The features of these American black ducks are the same as the Mallard ducks. 

    You can not differentiate easily between American Black ducks and the Mallard ducks. The current population of these ducks may range from 3 million to 4 million. These ducks can only survive in warm temperatures. These American Black ducks are also available in the lakes, ponds, and rivers. When the winter season starts, these ducks change their place and are available in Nova Scotia. They spend more time in the water because they love swimming. These ducks also live in the groups, and their good friends are available under the names of Black scoter, Gadwal, and Surf scoter. The shape of their eggs is oval. 

    American Black Duck Characteristics

    The female American Black ducks lay 6 eggs to 14 eggs. Their suitable breeding season is winter. After the first hatch, the male duck leaves the female ducks alone, and only female ducks treat their babies properly. The male and female American Black ducks live the same lifespans. Their life expectancy may vary from 18 years to 20 years. 

    American Black Duck Male vs Female

    The male and female American Black ducks can not fly easily because of their high weight. They have enough speed to fly, and it may vary from 30 mph to 40 mph. These ducks are heavier in weight than the others, and they may vary from 1.6lb to 3.6lb. The male and female are also the same sizes. They are large to medium. If you measure their size from head to tail, they may vary from 48 cm to 63 cm, including their wings. They are available in their common colors: dark brown and lighter grey. They have a blue shade in their wings that look very attractive. These American Black ducks are not very expensive. The male and female have the same cost. Their cost may vary from 10 dollars to 20 dollars. You can easily buy this breed from the local areas. The male and female American Black ducks require moderate maintenance from their owner. These ducks are docile, so can be kept at home They can adjust in a small space as well.

    American Black Duck Male vs. Female

    There are not many differences between males and females. The main difference between these ducks is their bills. The male American Black ducks have yellow bills while the female duck has dull green bills. That is the main thing you can easily differentiate between them. Both genders are excellent swimmers. They know everything about swimming and they can also train their ducklings.

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