Cuban Gamefowl History, Characteristics, Egg Production, Uses

Cuban gamefowl is the domestic breed of chicken. Cuban gamefowl is the only domestic chicken breed having official identification from the Cuban National Poultry Association. Sumatra and Malay (a breed of chicken) were brought to Cuba from the Philippines, and Cuban gamefowl is derived from them. The Cuban gamefowl was usually kept for exhibition and ornamental purposes within the United States. The Cuban gamefowl was created independently from any scientific control. The most common use of the Cuban gamefowl breed is in meat production. Cuban gamefowl is a dual trait breed that can also be used to produce eggs.

    Cuban Gamefowl History

    In the 19th century, Cuban chicken breeds were crossbred with various European gamefowl breeds. Then in 1935, Cuban gamefowl was first recognized as an unassociated breed by the National Poultry Association. After this, Bantam was recognized by the American Bantam Association in that same year. Hence, Cuban gamefowl was admitted as both standard and bantam breed. The name of this domestic chicken breed, Cuban gamefowl, was chosen in honour of the Republic of Cuba, which has then favoured and civilized them. Cuban gamefowl was then particularly bred for wide, extensive trails and a curving beak, bold eyes, and a daring expression.

    Cuban Gamefowl History, Characteristics, Egg Production, Uses

    Cuban Gamefowl Characteristics

    Cuban gamefowl is a heat-tolerant breed. Cuban gamefowls are very friendly with their breeders. The Cuban gamefowl has numerous colours. Their colours include black, white, and black-breasted red. The average weight of an adult cock is 6 pounds, while the weight of a hen is approximately 4 pounds. Likewise, a Bantam cock has an average weight of 1.6 pounds, while that of a hen is about 1.3 pounds. Cuban hens are considered excellent mothers. The Cuban gamefowl has a prying temperament. Cuban gamefowl can fly, but they also choose to sit upon a human lap. Cuban gamefowl is easy to handle. Cuban gamefowl breeds can tolerate all types of climatic conditions.

    Cuban Gamefowl Egg Production

    The Cuban gamefowl is not mainly a giant bird. Usually, Cuban gamefowl begins reproduction in the first year. But some Cuban gamefowl takes approximately 2.5 to 3 years to become mature enough for reproduction. In the egg production department, decorative chickens generally do not perform well. But this foreign breed has a good egg-laying ability which is unusual for an ornamental breed. The Cuban gamefowl lays 4 to 5 eggs per week, small to medium in size. The Cuban gamefowl breeders get approximately 150 to 200 eggs from each hen per year. Cuban gamefowl breeds should be given extra protein and calcium in their diet, which helps them to lay eggs of better quality.

    Cuban Gamefowl Uses

    In the United States of America, Cuban gamefowl is used for decorative purposes. The extremely beautiful features of Cuban gamefowl make them amazing show birds. Even the tempered and friendly nature of the Cuban gamefowl makes them shine on stage. In Cuba, the Cuban gamefowl is used for cock fighting. The Cuban gamefowl is used to produce white meat known for its tenderness. Cuban gamefowl is also used to produce high-quality eggs. The Cuban breed lays eggs frequently throughout the summer and winter and will start laying eggs when they are around 24 weeks old.

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