Khaki Campbell Male vs Female

Khaki Campbell ducks are the most popular breed. The Khaki Campbell breed is a domestic duck breed that is adapted to live with humans. These ducks are friendly, loving, and social. These ducks were seen for the first time in Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire is the city of England, and these ducks were seen in the 20th century. Sometimes these ducks are found to be living in groups of other ducks. They have a very attractive green bill. Because of their green bill, they can be recognized easily among others. These Khaki Campbell ducks belong to the class Aves. 

    These ducks are found by crossbreeding an Indian runner duck with a wild duck and mallard breed. The overall population of these Khaki Campbell ducks has not been estimated yet. But it is known that the population of these ducks is increasing rapidly without any danger.

    Khaki Campbell Characteristics

    This beautiful duck breed could be kept at home. The Khaki Campbell ducks are not available in wild areas. These ducks do not require extra space to live. If you provide them with enough space and a small pool for swimming, they feel the happiest. They are active and quick learners. When they are in the water, they feel very happy. They spend more time swimming. These Khaki Campbell ducks do not want to live alone. If you leave them alone, they become anxious and depressed. The female Khaki Campbell ducks lay 300 eggs in a year. Their incubation period may vary from 23 days to 28 days. When the ducklings are aged 6 months to 7 months, they become mature.

    Khaki Campbell Male vs Female 

    Khaki Campbell Male vs. Female

    The male and female Khaki Campbell ducks are not much different. Their resemblance is almost the same. The lifespan of these ducks is also the same. Both of the genders live a longer lifespan than the other ducks. Their life expectancy may range from 10 years to 15 years. The male Khaki Campbell ducks have curlier tails than the female. Some Khaki Campbell male ducks have a dark bright color in their plumage compared to the females. The bill color of the females is darker than the male Khaki Campbell ducks. 

    The size of both genders is not the same. They are small to medium. The female ducks are small in size compared to the males. The female size may vary from 2 pounds to 3 pounds, and the male size may range from 3 pounds to 4 pounds. They both have beautiful legs, and their color is dark orange. The male Khaki Campbel ducks have a softer voice compared to the females. The female ducks have a louder and more distinctive sound. 

    You can easily recognize males and females because of their sounds. Both genders are available in the same color; their common color is brown with white on their body. Their heads are dark brown. The male and female Khaki Campbell ducks require moderate maintenance. The cost of these ducks is not more expensive than the other relative breeds. You can easily buy these ducks from the markets.

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