Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken Characteristics, Egg Production, Size, Weight, Price

The Egyptian Fayoumis is a chicken breed. These chicken breeds originated from Middle Egypt and Faiyum Oasis. These are available around 100 km from Cairo near the river Nile. It is most likely that they are descended from the Junglefowl chicken, which has been around for thousands of years. These Fayoumis chickens are very vocal and present with a single comb. These chickens have bright red earlobes, comb, and wattles. The color of their eyes is dark brown. No one can catch them because of their fast speed. The Egyptian Fayoumis chickens are active and flighty too. They have small beaks and sturdy legs. Their color variations fall between silver pencilled and gold pencilled. 

    Egg Production

    The Egyptian Fayoumis chickens are very quick in egg production. These chickens lay high-quality eggs. The color of their egg is cream white. The size of their eggs is small. When the hens reach at the age of 4 to 5 months, they get mature and start laying eggs. They lay 150 eggs to 200 eggs in one year. These chickens mature very quickly as compared to the other chickens. Their eggs have less cholesterol. Their cockerels start crowing after five to six weeks. Their eggs are nutritious and edible.

    Egyptian Fayoumis Chicken Characteristics, Egg Production, Size, Weight, Price


    The Egyptian Fayoumis chicken is small as compared to the other breeds, which is why their egg size is also small. They are heavy in weight but not in height. They grow up very fastly. Their cockerels are also grow up in a few months and get mature. They show interest in other small breeds as well. The Egyptian Fayoumis chickens prefer to spend their time with their friends instead of living alone. Their care and health play an important role in their size and  development. They do not require high maintenance from the owner. 


    The Egyptian Fayoumis chickens are heavier in weight as compared to the other breeds. The cock and hen are different in their weight. The cock is heavy as compared to the hens. The cock weight may vary from 4 lbs to 4.5 lbs, while the hen weight may range from 3 lbs to 3.5 lbs. These chickens are very attractive and beautiful. When they live with the large breeds, they look tiny in front of them. They have white and silver hair around their neck. Their tail is very fluffy and available in dark colors. 


    Egyptian Fayoumis chicken is not very expensive. The cock and hen are different in cost. The cock is available at a low cost compared to the hen. The cock price may range from 2 dollars to 3 dollars, while the hen’s cost may vary from 4 dollars to 5 dollars. If you want an unsexed pair of these chickens, They have different prices. On average, their price may vary from 3 dollars to 4 dollars. These chickens are available in commercial areas.

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