Chiangus Characteristics, Size, Weight, Uses

The Chiangus breed is a cattle breed. These Chiangus cattle are domesticated. These cattle originated from Chianti and Italy. In 1972 the breed was developed and introduced for the first time in the USA. These Chiangus cattle breeds are large compared to the other cattle. Their common color is black. This breed is well-known as a native breed, and they are the oldest breed in the world. Some cattle originated and developed in the central part of Italy. 


    The Chiangus cattle breed is friendly, attractive, and loving. Its parent breeds are Chianina and Augus. They can easily live in hot and extreme climatic conditions. They are unique and the oldest. They mostly prefer to live in hilly areas where they remain healthy. They have a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy may vary from 15 years to 20 years. Some of their breeds live more than 20 years. These Chiangus cattle may be used as draft animals.

    Chiangus Characteristics, Size, Weight, Uses


    The breed of Chiangus cattle is medium to large. The male and females of these cattle have the same size. They have a good height. If you measure their height from head to tail, its cow may vary from 150 cm to 160 cm. The Chiangus bull's height may range from 160 cm to 175 cm. Just like height, their weight differs as well. They have qualities of their parent breeds e.g.  Chianina and Augus. 


    This Chiangus cattle breed is the heavier breed in the world. Both of their genders are also different in their weight. The Chiangus bull is heavier in weight compared to the Chiangus cow. They are heavy because of their height. The Chiangus cow's weight may vary from 800 kg to 1000 kg. At the same time, the Chiangus bull's weight may vary from 1100 kg to 1200 kg. Their diet plays an important role in their weight, health, and life. You should provide them with a good diet and take care of them.


    The Chiangus cattle breed is used for dual purposes. We can use this breed for leather, meat, and milk. Their meat has a lot of calories which is not good for your health if consume it on daily basis. Kids and adults like their meat and milk. Their milk has a mild taste while their meat has juicy taste. Their milk is good for people having malnutrition problem. Their milk has good fats, vitamins, and proteins.

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