Murcia Granada Goat Characteristics, Origin, Weight, Uses

The Murcia Granada is a domesticated breed of goat. These goats are loving, affectionate, and caring. They are available in different colors. The Murcia Granada goats are different from the other goats and sheep. They live a longer lifespan. When the male and female are aged 6 months to 8 months, they get mature. The female Murcia Granada goats can produce 2 lambs at a time. They require moderate maintenance. They do not require any special owner who cares about them. The Murcia Granada goats also require high-quality food which is safe for their health. 


    The breed of these Murcia Granada goats is docile. They are small to medium in their size. The male and female are different from each other in size. The male Murcia Granada goats are large compared to the female. The male height may vary from 70 cm to 75 cm while the female height may range from 65 cm to 70 cm. These goats are available in many colors but their common colors are black and mahogany. The male has longer hair than the female. You can easily differentiate between male and female Murcia Granada goats.

    Murcia Granada Goat Characteristics, Origin, Weight, Uses


    The Murcia Granada goats originated from the semi-arid areas in southeastern Spain. The first breed of these goats was developed in Spain. When the breed was developed, they grew up and were exported to different countries. The nations of Murcia Granada goats are Almeria, Alicante, Murica, and Granada. This breed is also known by the name of Murciano Granadina. After some years the breed was introduced for the first time in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. After their introduction in different countries, the Murcia Granada goats were exported to North Africa. This breed is well known for its common availability in these different countries. 


    The Murcia Granada goats are heavier in weight. The male and female Murcia Granada are different in weight. The male goats are comparatively heavier in weight than the female. The male weight may vary from 50 kg to 60 kg while the female weight may range from 30 kg to 50 kg. Both Male and Female goat are also different in their features and nature. You can easily differentiate between them. You can buy these goats from the local or commercial market. This breed is adaptable enough to live in your backyard, so you can bring it home. 


    We can use these Murcia Granada goats for milk and meat production. The female Murcia Granada goats give 500 liters of milk per year. The lactation period of these goats may vary from 200 days to 210 days. Their milk is full of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins. The Murcia Granada goat's milk has 5.6% fats and 3.6 % proteins. Their milk is very healthy for us. Their meat and milk have a delicious taste. Everyone likes the taste of their meat and milk.

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