Middle White Boar Origin, Characteristics, Growth rate, Lifespan

Middle White is a breed of pig. These Middle White pigs are the domestic breed. Some people know this breed by the name British pig. The male Middle White pigs are large in size compared to the female pigs. The male height may vary from 80 cm to 90 cm. The female height may range from 70 cm to 80 cm. The female Middle White pigs are excellent mothers for their piglets. They are good and quiet in nature. These Middle White boars are hardy, pretty, and active. 


    The Middle White boars are friendlier than the other pigs. Their country of origin is the United Kingdom. These boars originated from Yorkshire with the name Large white breed. In 1844, these boars were introduced and developed all over the country. Sometimes, these boars are known by the name of pork producers. These boars like to live in large places. They do not feel comfortable in small places. These boars are considered an extinct breed for cross breeding. The breed was exported to other places such as South Africa, Australia, and Europe. In the 20th century, these boars were a successful breed. 

    Middle White Boar Origin, Characteristics, Growth rate, Lifespan


    The breed of these Middle White boars is medium to large in size. The sow and boars are different in size from each other. The Middle white boars are heavier than the Middle white sows. The weight of Middle white boars may vary from 250 kg to 275 kg. The Middle White sows’ weight may range from 200 kg to 225 kg. They have short noses. The outer layer of their body is very thin and loose. Their bodies are covered with white and fine short hair. Their ears are large in size. The female produces 8 piglets to 9 piglets at one time. Their piglet weight varies from 8 kg to 8.5 kg. 

    Growth Rate

    The growth rate of these boars is not clearly documented. On average, they may grow 60 kg to 61 kg in 16 to 17 weeks. Their piglets also grow quickly. In their growth rate, their diet and health play an important role. They require a high-quality diet. If you take good care of them and provide a good and high-quality diet they become healthy and grow quickly. They may also have some health issues. If you do not take care of them they may suffer from a disease. 


    Their lifespan depends upon their domestic status. If their domestic status is good, they can easily live a longer lifespan. If their domestic status is not good they will die soon. But some of the pigs live a longer lifespan and their life expectancy may vary from 15 years to 18 years. Their lifespan also depends upon their care, diet, and their health.

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