Mukota Pig Characteristics, Uses, Origin, Meat Quality

Mukota pig is a domestic pig breed that is primarily found in Zimbabwe. This pig breed is native to the lands of Zimbabwe. This interesting black-colored breed is hardy and could survive in extreme climatic conditions. These pigs are immune to the parasitic environment. The common names of this breed are Zimbabwe Indigenous pig and Rhodesian Indigenous pig. Mukota pig belongs to two main broad classes that include a short and fat black-colored pig that has a short snout and a pig with a bigger snout and razorback. These two classes are found in the regions of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Zambia.


    The Mukota pigs are black-colored domestic pigs. They are hardy and do not require any special place to live in. They can live in dirt and mud without being ill. They have a strong immunity to fight against the parasites found in muddy dirty habitats. They have very strong disease resistance. As compared to other imported pigs used for commercial agriculture, their survival rate is far more. The overall lifespan of a Mukota pig is 9 years to 15 years. These pigs sweat more than usual and try to keep their body covered in mud. They are intelligent, unlike other pig breeds. 

    Mukota Pig Characteristics, Uses, Origin, Meat Quality


    Mukota pigs are reproduced and raised for the purpose of meat production. These pigs are heavy in weight and fast growing as well. These pigs are raised on a commercial scale to meet the meat requirements in the market. In Zimbabwe, these pigs are one of the most demanding and popular for meat consumption. The restaurants are filled with people who love pork chops, ham, bacon, and sausage. So, the only purpose these pigs could serve is meat production. Other than that, these pigs are used for commercial use because of their fast growth rate and fast reproduction cycle. 


    The Mukota pigs are the native animals of Zimbabwe and first originated from this region. According to history, European and Chinese traders were the first to introduce this interesting pig breed to Zimbabwe. The estimated population of Mukota pigs in Zimbabwe is around 70,000. This breed was first studied in Zimbabwe in the 17th century. Mukota pigs were named after the northeastern Mukota region of Zimbabwe. The initial experiments and studies of Mukota pig were conducted in Mukota (north-eastern Zimbabwe). 

    Meat Quality

    The meat quality of the Mukota pigs is very good. Their meat is called the “sweet meat” in Zimbabwe. Their high-quality meat is available all over the regions of Zimbabwe in almost all restaurants. The meat of Mukota pigs has some exceptional organoleptic properties that make it superior and far better than other varieties. These pigs are bred and raised on a commercial scale to produce more and meet people’s needs. It is one of the most demanding high-quality meat in Zimbabwe. It is also exported to other regions of the world because of its high-end quality.

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