Taihu Pig Characteristics, Uses, Origin, Meat Quality

Taihu pig is a Chinese native pig breed that is primarily found in the lower Yangtze River valley of China. It is a domestic pig breed that is used for multiple purposes. It originated from the narrow region around Lake Tai. This region has a mild subtropical climatic condition. These pigs are hardy and could thrive in different climatic conditions. They have a unique appearance that makes them different from other pig breeds. It has four main groups that fall under this breed. These four groups are Jiaxing black, Fengjing, Erhualian, and Meishan. These strains are present in different regions of China. 


    The characteristics of Taihu pigs are unique. They have a large-sized head that is big enough to be noticed among the rest of the breeds. Their forehead is very wide and their skin is wrinkled. The texture of their skin is thick and wrinkled. Their ears are droopy and flaps are present around the mouth. The black coat covers their whole body which is flocky and sparse. Their eyes are as big as their faces. As it has four different groups, Meishan is found to be having the largest body size. Every type of Taihu pig has different characteristics to some extent. 

    Taihu Pig Characteristics, Uses, Origin, Meat Quality


    The Taihu pigs are used for meat production. These pigs are slow growing and hardly could reach the weight of 48 kg after 6 months of the time. They grow slowly but their reproduction rate is very fast. Their carcass production is approximately 66% and is used for multiple purposes. Their body grows slowly but their fast reproduction rate increases their population to utilise on a commercial scale. Their meat is easily available in their native region of China. It is also exported to other regions of the world. 


    The Taihu pigs originated from the Taihu Valley found beside Shanghai. This region has a subtropical climate that is suitable for these beautiful pigs. It is also one of the well-known areas for agriculture. Taihu valley is known for heavy rainfall and maximum crop production. These cute-looking pigs are divided into a variety of strains based on performance, diet, appearance, character, and genetics. The four most popular strains of Taihu pigs are Jiaxing black, Erhualian, Meishan, and Fengjing. These strains are distributed in different regions. 

    Meat Quality

    The meat production of the Taihu pig breed is excellent. These pigs produce a slice of very good quality meat. They are not fast-growing animals but their reproduction rate and litter size are remarkable. They are used on a commercial scale for meat production. Their meat is used to make a lot of dishes in China. These pigs are deficient in calcium because of the diet they consume. Overall other nutrients are good in their meat. They are raised and fed only for meat production and carcass production. Their nutritious meat is suitable for adults as well as kids.

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