Uda Sheep Characteristics, Weight, Milk Production, Uses

The Uda sheep is a domestic breed of sheep. These Uda sheep originated from Africa and are connected to the long-legged sheep. These sheep are well known by their common names like Ouda, Pied, North Nigerian, Fulani, Louda, Houda, and many others. UDA sheep are abundantly found in Chad, Northern Cameroon, Niger, and Northern Nigeria. This breed is available all over the world and is found in different varieties. These sheep are globally used for many purposes that include meat, milk, and wool production. It is also considered one of the hair sheep breeds. 


    These Uda sheep have a unique appearance and are available in common colors like white and black. Their front legs and head are available in brown color, and the other half body is white. They have long tails and thick hair on them. These sheep are called hair sheep because they have hair all over their body. The outer coat of their body is very thick and protective. The rams have horns whereas eves are polled. The rams have spiral horns. They have strong legs and short ears, which may or may not be white. They have distinctive marks on their body, especially on their back.  

    Uda Sheep Characteristics, Weight, Milk Production, Uses


    These Uda sheep are small to medium in their size. They are one of the heaviest sheep breeds found globally. The male and female fall within the same weight range. On average, their weight may range from 45 kg to 100 kg. When their lambs are born, they are heavier than usual lambs. Diet plays an essential part in the growth and development. A healthy diet helps them to grow quicker and develop a strong muscular body. 

    Milk Production

    These sheep are good for milk production and are used on an industrial scale to produce milk and dairy products. These sheep are bred intentionally for milk production for business purposes. Their milk has a uniquely delicious taste that makes them stand out from other varieties. These sheep produce enough milk per day to utilize in various dairy products. A lot of healthy dairy products could be made with nutritious milk like cheese, bread, and yogurt. Because of maximum production, their milk is available easily in commercial markets under different brand names. 


    We can use these sheep for many purposes that include meat, milk, and wool production. Their meat has a lot of calories and fats. They have a thick coat on their body that is used for making warm clothes, jackets, jerseys, and other winter stuff that help people survive in extreme climatic conditions. These sheep are also used for milk production. A lot of industries are running their business with the milk production of UDA sheep. It is utilized in making many dairy products that mainly include cheese and yogurt.

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