Tsigai Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Milk Production

Tsigai Sheep is a domestic breed that is commonly found in the regions surrounding the black sea. These sheep are considered the domestic breed in the eastern lands of the Black sea. With time, these sheep migrated to the south and north of the Black sea. These sheep are unique in appearance. They have black color on their body and sometimes are found in dark brown color. The lambing capacity of these sheep is average and could bear one lamb in a year. They are famous for their wool, meat, and milk production. Apart from milk, their wool and meat have a reputation in the market. 


    The Tsigai sheep originated from the Eastern areas of the Black Sea that later on spread to the Northern and Southern areas of the Black Sea as well. After continuous migration, these sheep spread to the South of Moldova and the regions of Dobrogea. These sheep became the local sheep breed in Dobrogea. It was the first imported sheep from Europe. According to some authors, these sheep are not primitive and are considered an old race. It was formed early but modern breeding science declared it unimproved. This declaration was based on population genetics.

    Tsigai Sheep Origin, Characteristics, Milk Production, Price


    The Tsigai sheep are somehow unique in appearance and have long ears that hang and swing. Their wool is white that has some black-colored threads. Their legs are dark brown or black as well as their heads are also dark in color. The color of their skin is dark but the body parts covered with keratin are dark grey. In males, horns are present but in females, there are no horns. It differentiates males from female Tsigai sheep. They have an average lambing capacity and rarely get pregnant with twins. Tsigai has two entirely different types that have different characteristics. 

    Milk Production

    The two main types of Tsigai sheep have different milk production. This old breed is known for wool, milk, and meat production. The first type of Tsigai sheep milk is for about 5 to 6 months and the milk they produce is around 40 liter to 60 liter. The other type of Tsigai sheep recorded as a separate old breed is bred especially for milk production. This type of sheep milk for about 5 to 6 months and overall they produce 110 liter to 120 liter of milk per milking duration. Comparatively, the second type produces more milk than the first type. So, it is used for milk production on a commercial scale. 

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