Boxer Greyhound Mix Characteristics, Size, Temperament, Lifespan

This Boxer Greyhound Mix is a hybrid dog produced by combining Boxers and Greyhounds. They have strong, muscular bodies and heads with distinctive square shapes. They feature a short coat and a moderate amount of shedding.

Greyhounds are one of the earliest purebred canines, having originated in Egypt to accompany the Pharaohs, and they are the only breed mentioned in the Bible. Because of their calm demeanor and protective character, as well as their incredible eyesight and readiness to respond to potential threats, these dogs were regarded and idolized as faithful pets.

The Boxer is a very recent dog breed that first appeared in Germany in the nineteenth century. The Bulldog and Mastiff were originally used to breed the Boxer. They, like Greyhounds, come in a variety of colors, which include brindle and the most prevalent brown and white. 

    Boxer Greyhound Mix Characteristics

    Greyhounds are the most ancient purebred dogs; they were crossed with boxers, a breed descended from bulldogs and mastiffs, to create the boxer greyhound. They are smart, energetic, and devoted pets. They have a strong desire to move about and keep engaged at all times. If they do not have the companionship they need, they are more likely to act destructively, especially when they are left alone. They thrive in a metropolitan apartment or a country estate as long as they get room to move around and release energy.

    Boxer Greyhound Mix Characteristics, Size, Temperament, Lifespan

    They are wonderful companions for individuals who require continual dog company or for large households with someone around at all times. Their grooming requirements are minimal. The coats are short, making it simple to maintain them. Their coats are kept glossy and lustrous by maintaining a healthy diet, taking a few baths now and then, and giving them regular massages.

    Boxer Greyhound Mix Size

    Dogs of a Boxer and Greyhound cross are likely to possess similar stature. The size of both dogs is considered to be large. Greyhounds are higher than Boxers, with a shoulder height of approximately 30 inches compared to a maximum of 25 inches for Boxers. Boxers are also considerably taller, with an average mature weight of 65 to 70 pounds. A Greyhound can weigh up to 80 lbs, but most of them are around 60-65 lbs.  In either case, the resulting hybrid is primarily a large, playful breed. Therefore, these hybrids require a home with ample space for movement and a big outdoor area.

    Boxer Greyhound Mix Temperament

    The temperament of this hybrid dog reflects its ancestors. They prefer to remain with their owners and vigorously defend their families against intruders. Some varieties of boxers are known for their persistent barking. They are typically highly vocal. They are often heard making growling sounds, which is their method of communication. Similar to the Greyhound, the Boxer-Greyhound Mix possesses a calm and gentle disposition. Additionally, they enjoy cuddling on the sofa. Regardless of their size, they often consider themselves lap dogs. Pet owners must practice soothing behavior and leash manners due to their size and strength. Because of their flat faces, they have a greater propensity to become overheated when confined in warmer environments.

    Boxer Greyhound Mix Lifespan

    Despite their image as racers, greyhounds are regarded to be fairly lazy, having a low demand for activity and a lack of inherent genetic health disorders. Nowadays, greyhounds usually leave the racing world before they turn three. The Boxer is one of the larger dog breeds, and as a result, its lifespan is typically shorter than that of some of the smaller breeds. Boxer-Greyhound hybrids also don't live lengthy lives. Their typical life expectancy is between 7-10 years on average. In the long run, exercise adds up and can lengthen these dogs' lives by years.

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