Ryman English Setter Characteristics, Size, Temperament, Lifespan

Ryman setters are a kind of bird dog typically employed for grouse, pheasant, and other upland game birds. Dr. John R. Ryman, a veterinarian from Montana, created the Ryman setter in the early 20th century. For the difficult terrain and harsher weather of the West, he mixed English setters and Gordon setters to produce a dog with improved hardiness.

They were originally known as setting spaniels because they always run ahead of the hunter on wide land and then freeze and squat down (set) when they used to locate their prey.  

The Rymans were well-known for their beautiful looks, easygoing demeanor, and instincts for bird handling and foot hunting. In keeping with that tradition, Ryman-type dogs of today are anticipated to be "doers" that may be taken out and used to shoot birds over targets with little to no training.

    Ryman English Setter Characteristics

    The English Setter, a medium-sized dog, is a member of the Setter breed family, which also includes the Irish Red and White Setter, the Gordon setter, and the Red Setter. It has a calm disposition, but it is capable of providing a high level of protection. Additionally, it possesses a powerful athletic build. Other distinguishing physical characteristics include a somewhat longer than average head in proportion to its body, a long, square nose, bright, intelligent-looking brown eyes, low-set, well-positioned ears, a slender, muscular neck, and a smooth, straight, silky tail.

    Ryman English Setter Characteristics, Size, Temperament, Lifespan

    The most common breed of Setter used for hunting is the English variety. They are well-known for their calm demeanor and their eagerness to do as their owners ask them to do. They are also highly intelligent and trainable. It is challenging to control them on the field because they are a little high-strung and hyperactive.

    They are often chosen by families because they are friendly and easygoing. Most of the time, these dogs enjoy the company of their human and dog companions equally. They are gentle with children who are courteous and generally like the company of other dogs.

    Ryman English Setter Size

    This dog possesses long, flat, silky, and slightly wavy hair. The nose is quite black, the eyes are broad and have a hazel color, and the ears are moderately long and hang downward. All the body parts, including the ears, tail, legs, and below, are heavily feathered.

    A fully mature male English setter measures between 25 to 27 inches in height and weighs between 65 to 80 pounds (29 to 36 kilograms). The average height for a female dog is between 23 to 25 inches, and their weight ranges from 45 to 75 pounds (20 to 25 kilograms).

    Ryman English Setter Temperament

    The temperament of an English Setter is playful, loving, and smart. This makes it an excellent family dog because it adores people and gets along well with children. However, despite its appealing disposition qualities, it also contains a mischievous streak. Perhaps the most astounding aspect of this dog's intelligence is its incredible memory. It retains memories of things forever. This has both positive and negative consequences. It facilitates training, thus it is beneficial. It's not good because it makes it more challenging for the trainer to assist this dog in overcoming undesirable behavior.

    This dog is an excellent hiking or jogging companion because it is both athletic and active. This English Setter is usually up for a nice play session due to its active attitude and intrinsic affection for people. It is a social species that constantly desire human interaction. English Setters love to show off, whether they're hunting or playing at home.

    Ryman English Setter Lifespan

    This lively English setter requires a lot of activity, especially as a puppy. This breed is ideally suited for the active lifestyles of hikers and joggers. A daily long, brisk walk is recommended to keep the dog under control. The English setter's bones do not fully develop until it is 12 to 14 months old, thus it is important to exercise them properly when they are young. It's estimated that an English setter lives for 12 years on average, however, a few are known to live into their teens.

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