Jaffarabadi Buffalo Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

The Jaffarabadi buffalo, also known as the Gir buffalo, is a species of riverine buffalo native to the Indian state of Gujarat. There are approximately 25,000 Jaffarabadi buffalo worldwide. It is regarded as one of the most important buffalo breeds in India as well as Pakistan. The Jaffarabadi buffalo was the first breed of buffalo to be introduced to Brazil, and it is currently one of the four breeds of buffalo that are being raised in Brazil since 2017. The other three types are the Mediterranean buffalo, the Murrah buffalo, and the Swamp buffalo.

The Jaffarabadi buffalo has a broad head and relatively big, thick, flat horns that hang down on the sides of the neck and rise to the ears. The Jaffarabadi buffalo is employed not only for the production of meat but also for the production of dairy.

    Jaffarabadi Buffalo Characteristics

    The Kutch, Jamnagar and Junagarh districts of Gujarat State are the breeding tracts of this particular breed. Their body is long, but not very compact. Females of this breed have loose dewlaps and well-developed udders. 

    Jaffarabadi Buffalo features a huge head and neck. The forehead is visible. The horns are thick, hanging down at the sides of the neck and twisting up at the tips, but are less tightly curved than those of the Murrah breed. They are mostly found in black color.

    These animals are usually cared for by nomad traditional breeders known as Maldharis. The bullocks are large and strong, and they are utilized for plowing and transporting. The Jaffarabadi buffalo has a higher average kilo fat content than other breeds of buffaloes, which is one of its most distinguishing characteristics. They are quite effective at converting roughages into milk that has a substantial amount of butterfat content.

    Jafarabadi Buffalo Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

    Jaffarabadi Buffalo Milk per day

    This breed is well-known for its capacity to engage in a fight with lions in the Gir forest. These buffaloes are mostly black, but some exhibit white or grey tails. They are excellent milk producers.

    The Jaffarabadi buffalo is a kind of buffalo that is indigenous to India and is known for being one of the heaviest among all buffalo varieties. It is popular in dairy farming because of its high-fat content. The Jaffarabadi buffalo produces an average of 6.8 kg of milk per day and 1,000 to 1,200 kg of each lactation on average.

    Jaffarabadi Buffalo Price

    Jaffarabadi buffaloes are the heaviest of the Indian buffalo breeds. It is also known as Bhavnagri, Gir, or Jaffari. The breed derives its name from Jaffarabad. These buffaloes are widespread in this region, particularly in the Gir forest, which is also home to the renowned Indian lion.

    There is no standard price for a Jaffarabadi buffalo because the cost is contingent both on the vendor and the location of the animal. The results of a search indicate that approximately 2.4 lakh rupees are required to purchase a male Jaffarabadi buffalo. Most sellers charge between INR 1 Lakh to INR 1.25 Lakh for this breed.

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