Surti Buffalo Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

A Surti buffalo is a water buffalo breed native to the Charottar region in Gujarat, India. It is a well-liked breed in its region and produces a lot of milk. It is located between the rivers Mahi and Sabarmati. The best specimens of this breed are often found in the Gujarati regions of Anand, Baroda, and Kaira. It is also called Surati, Gujarati, Nadiadi, Talabdi, Charotar, and Deccani, among many other names.

Surti buffaloes are native to the southwestern region of Gujarat. These buffaloes are also prevalent in southern Rajasthan, including the districts of Udaipur, Bhilwara, Rajsamand, Chittorgarh, and Dungarpur. The Surti buffalo is a medium-sized breed that produces milk with a greater fat and SNF content, requires less feed than larger cows, and does well in environments with and without green. It is easily managed by small-scale, landless farmers. These animals are chosen by urban milk producers due to their size and regular calving.

Unfortunately, the Surti breed is not widely produced by conventional breeders, hence there is a shortage of this species. The word "Surti" comes from the Hindi word for "hairy," and it was once used to refer to buffalo.

    Surti Buffalo Characteristics

    The Surti water buffalo breed was developed specifically to increase milk production through selective breeding. It is located majorly in the farms that are situated in Argentina and India. They are related to taurine cattle, which is another family they belong to. The Surti breed is distinguished visually from others by its dark complexion, larger udders, broad ears, hump, and wider back.

    Surti Buffalo Origin, Characteristics, Milk per day, Price

    Males of the Surti breed weigh roughly 600 pounds, whereas females weigh approximately 500 pounds. The Surti breed is distinguished by its large, wide hump and its tail resting on thin legs. It possesses dark skin, big hooves, loose hair, and a longer back. The hooves more closely resemble those of a horse than an ox. The base of the udders is broad, and they point upward. 

    The Surti breed's tendency to move on the left side of their bodies is a unique trait. In addition, the udders are long and pendulous, and they sway back and forth in reaction to the motion of their bodies. Sometimes these buffaloes do act violently toward people. This buffalo occasionally behaves strangely, but in general, Surti is peaceful, quiet, and submissive.

    Surti Buffalo Advantages

    The Surti buffalo is well-liked by landless, minor, and marginal farmers due to its high fat and SNF level in its milk, low fodder demand, and capacity to thrive on stovers or minimal green fodder. It is also renowned for having a submissive nature.  The Surti buffalo is a strong and hardy breed, known for its resilience to diseases and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This makes them a reliable and low-maintenance choice for dairy farmers.

    Surti Buffalo Disadvantages

    The Surti buffalo has a lower average body weight than other breeds, eats less feed, and does well on stovers and little to no green fodder. However, compared to other breeds, it has a reduced dressing percentage, an inter-calving duration of at least 12 months, and late heifer maturity at 25 to 32 months. Moreover, compared to other breeds, it produces less milk, averaging 19 litres per day and producing between 900 and 1,300 kg per lactation.

    Surti Buffalo Milk per day

    The Surti buffaloes have a high degree of adaptation and, for the most part, thrive in the environment that they are selected for. They are seasonal breeders, with their first calving age ranging between 45 and 47 months. They are mostly utilized to produce milk. During their first lactation, the females generate between 900 to1300 kg of milk.

    However, milk output improves after the initial lactation. They reach their maximum milk output of 1900–2000 kg towards the end of their second lactation. Surti buffalo typically calve every 400 to 425 days. Surti buffalo milk is of excellent quality, comprising 7-7.5 percent fat.

    Surti Buffalo Price

    This species requires a large amount of area to move freely and to interact with dominant animals. It is essential to pay particular attention to the Surti breed to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate nourishment and care. They are quite docile and simple to handle, however, they are not advised for small children because they can be violent. Surti buffalo prices change based on the individual animal's condition and overall health. Prices often range between ₹ 60,000 to ₹ 130,000. The amount of milk that a Surti buffalo can produce, as well as the animal's overall health and age, are all factors that go into determining its price.

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