River Run Dog Food Pros and Cons, Reviews, Recalls

River Run dog food is a dry dog food brand formulated for sporting, working, or extremely active dogs. It comes in a variety of formulas with various nutritional qualities, such as:

River Run Hi-Energy Formula

For working, sporting, or extremely active dogs, this formula offers high-energy calories and nutrition.

Nutrena River Run Professional Formula 

The extra protein and fat in this recipe are specifically for hard-working sporting breeds.

Nutrena River Run Hi-Pro No-Soy Dog Food

For breeds with a lot of energy needs, this soy-free formula offers a highly digestible combination with more protein.


    To assist healthy digestion and growth, this recipe was created especially for pups.

    River Run Dog Food Pros and Cons, Reviews, Recalls

    Depending on the formula, the primary components of River Run dog food differ. However, the usual components consist of:

    Animal protein meal

    In River Run dog food, the major source of animal protein is a moderate proportion of unnamed meat and bone meal.

    Nutrients and vitamins

    The delightful, bite-sized pieces are nutritionally balanced and contain all the vitamins and minerals required to keep pets healthy as well as working and hunting dogs in top form.

    Fat and protein

    To satisfy the unique nutritional requirements of various dogs, several formulations offer differing levels of protein and fat content.


    To aid in proper digestion, several formulas contain a balanced amount of fiber.


    • For sporty breeds who put in long hours, River Run dog food is a meat-based product that is highly digestible and offers more protein and fat.
    • Dogs with average activity levels might benefit from the food's balanced blend of vitamins and minerals and convenient bite size.
    • Some formulas are expressly designed to promote the healthy development of puppies.
    • The food satisfies the criteria for nutrient levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile for all stages of a dog's life.
    • This food is suitable for canines with soy allergies because it is soy-free.


    • A considerable proportion of unidentified meat and bone meal serves as the primary source of animal protein in River Run dog food, which may not appeal to all dog owners who desire to know precisely what sort of meat is in their dog's food.
    • In the past, food has been recalled.


    Due to excessive levels of aflatoxin, River Run and Marksman dog food have been subject to several recalls. A toxic chemical called aflatoxin, which is produced by some molds, can make animals sick or potentially harm them. Different River Run and Marksman dog food recipes were recalled, and the recalled goods were produced at the Cargill plant in Lecompte, Louisiana. Cargill Animal Nutrition advised customers to return any unused recalled dog food to the store from where they purchased it for a full refund. 


    There are a variety of opinions regarding River Run Dog Food. According to some reviews, it is not endorsed due to its average quality and a moderate quantity of unnamed meat and bone meal as its primary source of animal protein. However, several customers have commented that they feed River Run Dog Food to their dogs and that, considering the price, it seems to be okay. 

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