Black Jawa Aseel Murga Characteristics, Fighting, Price

"Black Jawa Aseel" designates a breed of chicken, more precisely an Aseel variety. Aseel is a gamefowl breed distinguished by its fierce rivalry and aggressive disposition. The name "Black Jawa" probably indicates the color of the feathers. In Pakistan, this breed is quite prevalent. It is also available in a large portion of India, especially in the states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. 

    Black Jawa Aseel Murga Characteristics

    The aggressive and fierce character of aseel chickens in general is well-known. Their popularity among cockfighting enthusiasts is a clear indication that they were bred for fighting capabilities. Aseel roosters are characterized by their muscularity and their upright posture. 

    Black Jawa Aseel Murga Origin, Characteristics, Price

    The weight of the Asil chicken varies depending on the type. The following weight range applies to the Black Jawa Aseel:


    Large-framed body

    Weight range: 3–6 kg


    Large-framed body

    Weight: 2.6 kg Approximately

    Black Jawa Aseel Murga Fighting

    The Black Jawa Aseel is utilized in cockfighting competitions and is renowned for its fighting skills. The birds usually carry either knives or steel spurs, often known as gaffs, during such fights. It is forbidden in some places, like Sindh, to arm the birds with anything other than knives or steel spurs, often known as gaffs.

    Black Jawa Aseel Murga Price

    The average cost of a Black Jawa Aseel varies according on area and breed. A Jawa Aseel normally costs between Rs 10,00 and Rs 25,000 in Pakistan. In the city of Bhopal, which is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India, the cost of a single pure Aseel Jawa Chick is around Rs 500 to Rs 2000.

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