Cholistani Friesian Cross Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

The Cholistani Friesian Cross is a hybrid breed of cattle created by crossing the Cholistani cow, a breed native to the Cholistan Desert in Pakistan, with the Friesian cow, a European breed known for its high milk production.

The Cholistani cow is well-adapted to the harsh conditions of the Cholistan Desert, being heat-tolerant and able to thrive on low-quality feed. However, it is not a high milk producer. The Friesian cow, on the other hand, is a prolific milk producer but is not as well-adapted to hot climates.

The Cholistani Friesian Cross is an attempt to combine the heat tolerance and disease resistance of the Cholistani with the high milk production of the Friesian. The resulting breed is typically larger than the Cholistani and smaller than the Friesian. It is also more heat-tolerant than the Friesian and produces more milk than the Cholistani.

Cholistani Friesian Cross Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

Cholistani Friesian Cross Characteristics

The crossbred Cholistani Friesian cows are known to yield a higher quantity of milk, ranging from 25 to 30 liters per day with average feeding, compared to the 13 to 15 liters per day yield of pure Cholistani cows. The crossbreeding process combines the characteristics of the Cholistani and Holstein Friesian breeds, aiming to enhance milk production and other desirable traits.

Cholistani Friesian Cross Price in Pakistan

The price of Cholistani Friesian cross cows in Pakistan varies, but some listings on online platforms show that they can be priced around Rs 165,000 to Rs 300,000. The actual price may depend on various factors such as age, milk production, and the specific characteristics of the cow.

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