Kilimooku Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

The Kilimooku Aseel is a breed of chicken that originated in Pakistan. It is known for its large size, its muscular build, and its aggressive temperament. Kilimooku Aseels are often used in cockfighting, although this is a controversial practice.

Kilimooku Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan


Large Size:

  • Kilimooku Aseels rank among the world's largest chicken breeds.
  • Roosters can reach weights of up to 12 pounds, while hens can weigh up to 8 pounds.

Muscular Build:

  • Kilimooku Aseels are characterized by a robust and muscular physique.
  • They possess broad chests, wide shoulders, and strong, well-developed legs.

Aggressive Temperament:

  • Kilimooku Aseels are recognized for their inherently aggressive temperament.

Price in Pakistan


  • Kilimooku Aseels hail from diverse bloodlines, with some being more esteemed than others.
  • Birds from well-known and respected bloodlines command higher prices.


  • Older and more mature Kilimooku Aseels tend to be more expensive.
  • Chicks and younger birds are generally more affordable compared to their adult counterparts.


  • The overall quality of the bird significantly influences its price.
  • Birds with superior conformation, feathering, and fighting ability come at a higher cost.


  • Prices can vary based on the geographical location within Pakistan.
  • Birds in larger cities or regions with a higher concentration of breeders may carry a higher price tag.

Price Range:

  • According to local listings, the price of Kilimooku Aseels in Pakistan can span from PKR 5,000 to PKR 50,000 or more.

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