Malay Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

Malay Aseel is an ancient breed of chicken that is believed to have descended from the great Malay, or Kulm, fowls in India. It is among the tallest breeds of chicken, and may stand over 90 cm (36 inches) high. The breed was widely distributed throughout Asia, particularly from north India to Indonesia and Malaysia. The Malay chicken was the first of the gigantic Asiatic fowl introduced to the West.

Malay Aseel Characteristics

  • Malay Aseel is an ancient and unique chicken breed.
  • It is among the tallest chicken breeds, reaching over 3 feet in height.
  • Known for its pugnacious nature and aggressive tendencies.
  • Unsuitable for mixed-breed flocks or households with children.
  • Better suited to warm climates and requires covered areas as they can fly.
  • Distinctive appearance with extreme height, heavy bones, broad skull, short-stout beak, and projecting eyebrows.
  • Closely feathered with short feathers and carries its body inclined upward with a low tail.
  • Has a small cushion or walnut comb with yellow shanks.
  • Malays are rugged, vigorous, and have a reputation for long life.
  • Originally used for races due to their long legs and upright posture.
Malay Aseel Origin, Characteristics, Price in Pakistan

Malay Aseel Price in Pakistan

Show-quality birds with desirable characteristics (lineage, plumage, etc.) command higher prices than pet-quality birds.

  • Age: Younger birds generally have lower prices compared to adults.
  • Location: Prices may differ in various regions of Pakistan.

General price range for Malay Aseel in Pakistan based on listings are:

  • Pet quality: Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 10,000
  • Breeding quality: Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000
  • Show quality: Rs. 25,000 and above (can reach several lakhs for exceptional birds)

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