Micro Sheepadoodle Temperament

The characteristics and the traits of sheepadoodle remains the same irrespective of the size. Whether it is mini sheepadoodle or micro sheepadoodle, the temperament remains the same. Sheepadoodle is a designer dog which is obtained after multiple breeding and errors. These dogs are small in size and adorable looking. As both the parent breeds are calm and adorable and that’s why the resultant breed is also adorable and calm. They do not become aggressive. They are calm dogs and are suitable for the environment of house. They are intelligent dogs with good sense of humor. They are the protectors of the family.

Sheepadoodle appearance can change your mood within minutes. They are cute and charming personalities which attracts everyone around. They are super friendly and love to make new friends. The presence of sheepadoodle can change a bad mod into happy one within minutes. They are loveable dogs because the parent breeds are really cool and loveable dogs. They are the obedient dogs as they obey every single order by the owner or master. Sheepadoodle are not the pure breed dogs. These dogs are easy to train. The temperament of sheepadoodle is according to the parent breeds involved in breeding. They walk around the house or flats actively and keep an eye on everything going around.

Micro Sheepadoodle  Temperament

Kids may play with these dogs without any fear. Sheepadoodle love to play with kids as they enjoy their company. Sheepadoodle are considered as perfect family dogs. They are the superb cross breed between old English dog and a poodle. They have very strong temperament. They cuddle very smoothly and are the perfect cuddle partner. Their company is worth keeping and as companion; they are the most loyal dogs. Their loyalty is counted as an example set for other dogs.

Sheepadoodle are the intelligent dogs as they are the designer dogs having poodle as a parent breed. Poodles are the intelligent dogs and were kept by the royal families in the past. So the next fusion breed of poodle and old English dog is also intelligent. They learn things fast and work on them. They obey orders and make their master happy. Poodle breed has a cool temperament. Poodles are highly intelligent and active dogs. They pick things fast. Whereas old English dog also has a cool temperament. They are not aggressive and are good company to keep. Old English dog are adaptable dogs and they become environment friendly very soon.

They adapt everything fast and get comfortable with the environment. They are very gentle dogs and have some level for everything. They may show attitude sometimes but are very gentle in action. They are smart enough to handle everything around. All these qualities of good temperament can be seen in the sheepadoodle. Sheepadoodle are wise dogs and are the perfect member to keep in house for protection. They may perform multiple duties at a time. The main duties include protection of house, protection of people they love and being comfortable for everyone in house.

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