Basenji Chihuahua Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Basenji Chihuahua mix are the hybrid dogs which can be obtained by breeding basenji breed with Chihuahua breed. They are the smallest of all breed ever found. Basenji Chihuahua mix are not the newly designed breeds, they are the ancient ones. They are derived from an ancient breed which was high in height. They are quite strong dogs. They have large sized head and very thin lips. The ears are large in size as well as eyes are big and round in shape. They have medium length with pointed short nose and short sized legs.

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Temperament

They are ancient dogs with highly devoted personality. They get attached to more than one people within no time they are fearless dogs with appreciable bravery. They are strong and protectors of their people. They are naturally gentle by nature because Chihuahua is also gentle dogs by nature. They are not suitable for kids and other pets. They are friendly with strangers and can serve as watch dogs. They can only socialize with their own breed. They are very good companions as a protector and as a watch dog. People can take them out for outing.

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption, Price

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Size

Basenji Chihuahua mix are the hybrid dogs so the size of both the parents matters a lot. The average size calculated is 22 to 24 pounds by weight and 16 to 17 inches in height. Their size is very compatible to keep at home and to take out on outings and picnics.

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Adoption

Basenji Chihuahua mix are ancient dogs and are not bred recently. They are not rare dogs and can be adopted from various sources. They are either available on pet shops, at rescue centers and from a breeder. People usually like to bred basenji and Chihuahua on demand so they contact a breeder who is trust worthy. People sometimes want them to be already trained so the best option to adopt them is from a rescue center. In a rescue center, the dogs are usually already trained so not much effort is required.

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Life Span

Basenji Chihuahua is a cross breed of two pure breeds. So the life span of basenji Chihuahua mix is longer than the parent breeds. They are healthy dogs and their average life span calculated is 18 years. After 18 years of age, they become ill and eventually die. 18 years is very much longer span to spend with humans. This is also a reason why a person wants to adopt basenji Chihuahua mix. The life span of bot the parent breed is shorter than the hybrid breed. Their different personality makes them beautiful and appealing.

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Price

Basenji Chihuahua mix is not rare dog so the price range is average (not more expensive and not much cheap). The prices also vary according to the location and availability of dog. The calculated price range is 800 U.S dollars to 4500 U.S dollars.

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