Ankole-Watusi Cattle Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Ankole watusi cattle are a famous breed of cattle. These cattle are multipurpose and the other name of this breed is Ankole Longhorn. The simple names are Ankole and watusi. This breed is originated from East Africa. This breed is an ancient breed and the traces of these cattle have been found in Sahara region and in the pyramid walls and Egyptian walls. This breed is very important for the survival of different tribes in Kivu, Tutsi, Bahima, Ankole and Bakiga. This breed is of great use for currency, food, and tribal status among other tribes.

Ankole Watusi Cattle Milk Production

Ankole Watusi cattle are a multipurpose breed which can be used for both meat and milk production. A young calf is preferred for these two purposes. These calves are first briefly suckled to make a flow of milk and then these are milked. The production of milk is average but the nutrients in their milk are very beneficial. These calves produce milk which is full of vitamins and contains up to 10 percent of fat. People produce very useful butter from their milk. This breed is further bred with other breeds to enhance the quality of milk and to produce better butter out of their milk.

Ankole-Watusi Cattle Images, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Ankole Watusi Cattle Weight

The weight of this breed varies among male and female Ankole watusi cattle. The weight of male Ankole watusi cattle is almost 540 to 730 kg whereas the average weight of female ankle watusi cattle is 430 to 540 kg.

Ankole Watusi Cattle Size

The Ankole watusi cattle are a medium sized cattle breed and are easy to handle. The Ankole watusi cows are usually smaller in size then the Ankole watusi bull. This cattle breed may size equal to a human being.

Ankole Watusi Cattle Facts

Ankole watusi cattle are medium sized cows. This breed has very large sized and thick horns. The
size of their horns may reach up to 2.4 meter. These cows are mostly brown in color. The horns of this breed are the main characteristic which is noticed. These cows use their horns for multiple purposes like cooling by honey combing and for defending themselves. Ankole watusi cattle are either of one single basic color or spotted. The cows and bulls of this breed are low weight when these calves are born. The average weight of these calves is 14 to 23 kg.

Ankole Watusi Cattle Breed

Ankole watusi cattle breed are very active animals. These cows and bulls are very much adaptive to their native environment. These can also survive in other environments. Ankole watusi cattle are very good grazers and do not require fresh vegetation on daily basis. These cows feed a limited amount of water and food. This ability makes this breed live longer even for centuries in Africa. This breed is also established in Australia, North America, Europe and South America. The calves of this breed sleep mostly at day time under the vigilance of an auntie cow for protection.

Ankole Watusi Cattle Price

The price of this breed may vary according to the age and size. This cattle breed can be sold expensive because of their large sized horns and medium sized body. These cows are often sent to other cities as well to for sale.

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