Hejazi Goat Origin, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Hejazi goat breed is commonly found in Saudi Arabia. This breed is small in size and mostly resembles with other breeds present in Syrian mountain. This goat breed is well known for meat production. The goat is usually long haired and black in color. This breed is recently developed in Saudi Arabia and not a native breed. This breed was developed by a Pakistani breed named Kapla. Kapla is a Pakistani breed commonly found in Sindh province. This breed is then crossed with other two breeds named “Cyprus Shami goats” and “Ardi”. These goats are easily available in Saudi Arabia. 

Hejazi Goat Origin

The origin of Hejazi goat is Saudi Arabia. But the actual origin is Pakistan. Basically Hejazi goat breed is not pure bred. This breed is originated in Pakistan from another breed named Kapla. Kapla is abundantly found in Sindh, Pakistan. Kapla is further bred with two different breeds. These two breeds are local breeds of Saudi Arabia. This breeding may result in the production of Hejazi goats. So, Hejazi goat breed has a variety of goats with different colors and confirmations. This is all about the origin and history of Hejazi goat breed. 

Hejazi Goat Origin, Milk, Weight, Size, Facts, Breed, Price

Hejazi Goat Weight

There is a minor difference in the weight of both male and female weight. The weight of male Hejazi goat is almost 35 kg to 45 kg whereas the weight of female Hejazi goat is almost 25 kg to 35 kg. The weight of female Hejazi goat may vary in pregnancy. 

Hejazi Goat Size

Hejazi goat breed has a variety in sizes. This breed is produced as a result of breeding Kapla goat breed with other local breeds of Saudi Arabia, so the size may vary according to the size of parent breeds involved in breeding. 

Hejazi Goat Milk Production

Hejazi goat is not a most popular breed but this breed can be used as a dairy goat. These goats can produce kids twice in 12 to 15 months. Hejazi goats have the capacity to produce twins or even triplets in a single parturition. These goats are mainly used as dairy goats because these can produce milk on daily basis. The average quantity of milk produced per day is almost 1.5 kg. This may help people to do a business on their milk production. Other than milk production, these goats can also be used as meat production goats. 

Hejazi Goat Facts

Hejazi goat breed has some variety in characteristics of goats. Because the parent breeds vary in this breed, so the characteristics vary. The mother breed i.e. Kapla goat breed, inherit a lot of traits like long ears and moderate size. The Hejazi goats are attractive and smart. The colors may vary according to the parent breeds involved in breeding. These goats have long neck but the remaining body is medium sized. The neck mostly has different color from the whole body. The long ears are their special trait which makes them different from other breeds. 

Hejazi Goat Breed

Hejazi goat breed is not a very popular breed of the time. This breed has a complicated background and origin. 2 to 3 different breeds are involved to produce Hejazi goats. Hejazi goats are commonly found in Saudi Arabia. The Pakistani breed is bred with two different local breeds of Saudi Arabia to produce Hejazi breed. This breed is well known for milk production and for meat production. These goats are very useful to run a business. Hejazi goat breed is not a very old breed or we can say a native breed of Saudi Arabia, but now becoming popular. 

Hejazi Goat Price

The price of Hejazi goat breed varies according to the characteristics. The availability of goat and the gender of goat matters a lot. The female Hejazi goat is expensive as compared to male Hejazi goat. The people of Saudi Arabia usually do not sell them because of their beneficial commercial use. 

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