Piedmontese Cattle Facts, Problems, Breed, Price

Piedmontese cattle are domestic cattle and are used for dual purpose. These cattle are originated from Italy. Milk and meat production are the two main benefits of this breed. Piedmont is the region where this cattle breed originated. Piedmont is located in North West, Italy. The local types of this cattle breed are named as the Della Langa, the Ordinaro di Pianura, Canavese, the Demonte and Scelta di Pianura. Initially these cattle were raised as triple purpose animal and later on these cattle become dual purpose domestic breed. The third purpose of this cattle breed was drought power.

Piedmontese Cattle Facts

Piedmontese cattle are used for commercial purposes. These cattle have black colored skin and the color of their coat is usually white or white grey. The calves are usually born with fawn color and then later on in life, their color changes to grey- white at maturity. The horns of Piedmontese cattle are small in size and both cows and bulls have horns on their head. The average height of this cow is 131 to 132 cm and the height of bull is 130 to 135 cm. The average weight of Piedmontese cattle is 700 to 850 kg.

Piedmontese Cattle Facts, Problems, Breed, Price

Piedmontese Cattle Problems

Overall the Piedmontese cattle breed has a lot of benefits but there are some problems related to them. These cattle breed have a lot of muscular weight on their body. These cattle face some difficulty while calving (dystocia). It is not easy to deliver a healthy calf. Over all their production rate is very good and people does not require any replacement of these cattle. The replacement cost is also reduced. These cattle have very good mothering properties. These cows have 9 proper reproductive years in their lives.

Piedmontese Cattle Breed

Piedmontese cattle are very attractive cattle and are relatively calm by nature. These cattle live longer than the other breeds, originated from Italy. This cattle breed is named after the place where these cattle were first found. These cattle are mainly used for the meat and milk production. People do business with the milk and meat of these cattle. A special gene is present in their body which is responsible for the over production of muscle. There are total 680,000 Piedmontese cattle found in the 20th century beginning. This breed has spread all over the world.

Piedmontese Cattle Price

Piedmontese cattle are not too much expensive. These cattle are muscular and have much weight; still the prices are not too much high. The average price range of these cattle is 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars. The prices vary according to the weight of the cattle. Pregnant Piedmontese cattle are expensive than non-pregnant cattle. Likewise, the bulls are not much expensive and may range between 2000 dollars to 3000 dollars. Cows are bit expensive than bulls. These cattle are domestic and used for commercial purposes. So the prices are set according to the demand and location of availability.

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