Charbray Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Charbray cattle are the mixture of two different breeds, the Charolais and the Brahman. These parent breeds are contributing in the ratio of 5:3 i.e. 5/8 is Charolais and 3/8 is Brahman. This is a heavy muscled breed. As this is the mixture of two different parent breeds, so their characteristics are the mixture of Charolais and Brahman cattle. These cattle are originated from Texas. The demands of calves which are weaned heavier and have high quality are demanded more as compared to other cattle breeds. This breed is intentionally designed for better durability and productivity.

Carbray Cattle Pros

These cattle have very good mothering ability and can protect their calves very efficiently. These cattle are good at gaining weight and the calves are low weight at the time of birth. This is an advantage because the calving process becomes easy. These cattle are flexible and can convert the feed on a large scale on coastal areas and plains. Charbray cattle breed is not a F1 cross breed, but can be bred with other cattle breeds easily. These cattle are perfect for all kind of market i.e. for meat market, export market and feedlot market.

Charbray Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Charbray Cattle Cons

There are lots of benefits of this breed but only a little or no disadvantages. These cattle are heavy weight and feed a lot. These cattle require large grazing fields where these can graze to their stomach full. Charbray cattle sometimes are fed with artificial greenery. So farmers have to spend a lot of money on their feed. These cattle grow faster and gain weight fast. After 12 to 15 months of age, these cattle are ready to altar. Their calving rate is also fast like their growth rate. Farmers keeping Charbray cattle earn more with less investment.

Charbray Cattle Facts

Charbray cattle are large sized and rugged breed. This cattle breed is the mixture of two different breeds so the characteristics are mixed too. The color of calves at the time of birth is usually light tan and later it turns to creamy white in color. These cattle usually change color after few weeks. These cattle can easily travel to different regions. These cattle are preferred among other breeds because of the cleanliness, fertility, tight sheaths and early testicular development. Charbray cows are fast growing and can reach to the maturity after 14 to 17 months of their birth.

Charbray Cattle Price

Charbray cattle are demanded at high rate and farmers are breeding these cattle to increase their
business. The prices are becoming higher day by day. These cattle are sold at an average price of 7200 dollars. This price is variable according to the location, availability and size of cattle. The weight and age of cattle also matters, as these can be sold according to their weight. In last few years, the population of Charbray cattle is increasing day by day. So the prices are also increasing. The maximum price of Charbray cattle recorded is 26,000 dollars.

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