Devon Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages, Facts, Price

Devon cattle are ancient breed that was first found in south west England. This breed was named after the place where these cattle were first born i.e. Devon County. Devon cattle have multiple strains and each strain of this breed has different characteristics. It is a dual purpose breed which can be used for two main purposes. North Devon cattle are different from south Devon cattle. Some people believe that this breed is descendant of an ancient breed named Bos lonqifrons, a cattle breed found in Britain. Initially it was known as dual purpose breed now it is a beef type breed.

Devon Cattle Advantages

Devon cattle are a fertile breed and calving process is very easy. When a calf is born, the average weight is about 30 to 40 kg. These cattle can survive in extreme climate conditions like hot weather and cold weather. The main advantage of Devon breed is their fertility. These cattle can produce calves even in extreme hot and extreme cold environment. In low quality pastures, these cattle can still maintain their health and nutrients. Their resistance against parasites and diseases is great. These cattle have thick skin which protects them from environments and diseases.

Devon Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Devon Cattle Disadvantages

Devon cattle have lots of disadvantages. There may be some complications while calving if larger sires are bred with Devon cattle. These cattle are aggressive but can be handled easily. Still a care taker or an expert is required while visiting these cattle. Devon cattle are a fertile breed but there is some issues recorded regarding calving. The rate at which these cattle get mature is very slow. Farmers have to wait longer for their complete maturity. Apart from these disadvantages, the Devon cattle is still the most demanded breed among other cattle breeds.

Devon Cattle Facts

Devon cattle have a lot of strains which have different characteristics. These are usually red in color but sometimes tawny cattle are also found. These cattle are even named after their deep red color like red ruby and Devon ruby etc. the coat is thick, curly and long in winters but in summers, their coat changes and becomes sleek and short. These cattle are known as dual purpose breed anciently but now it famous as beef cattle breed. The average weight of a Devon bull is 1 ton and average weight of a Devon cow is 590 kg.

Devon Cattle Price

Devon cattle are known for their meat production. Their beef is of high quality and is the most demanded meat. There are multiple strains of this breed and each strain have different price. The prices also depend on the characteristics of these cattle strains, location and availability. The average price of Devon cattle may range between 600 dollars to 1200 dollars. The top most prices of Devon cattle till today are 2835 pounds. This was sold in a Breeder’s society autumn show. The prices vary according to the weight of cattle and bulls are comparatively expensive than cows.

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