Sulmtaler Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Lifespan, Price

This chicken breed is commonly available in Australia. Sulmtaler chicken is named after the Sulmtal valley where it was first originated. Sulmtal is the valley where Sulm River is located, exactly in the southern Styria, South east Australia.  Sulmtaler chicken breed is the descendant of a historical breed named Styrian chicken. Sulmtaler chicken resembles close to the Styrian chicken but is more heavy and large in size. The main difference can be seen in their body structure i.e. wide chest and round in shape. Their shoulders are sturdy and legs are short in size. It is a dual purpose breed.

Sulmtaler Chicken Egg Production

When we talk about the color of their eggs, these are ivory to cream in color. The egg size is normal like other chicken breeds. Their eggs hatch in to chicken after 21 days of reproduction. The production of their feathers is slow. The average weight of their eggs is 60 grams. Sulmtaler chicken can produce up to 150 eggs per year on average. This average production of eggs can help people to do a business with their eggs.

Sulmtaler Chicken Images, Eggs, Facts, Lifespan, Price

Sulmtaler Chicken Facts

Sulmtaler chickens are beautiful birds. The weight of a Sulmtaler rooster is about 3.5 to 4 kg whereas the Sulmtaler hen weighs up to 2.5 to 3.5 kg. The color of these chickens is usually golden and the plumage on the neck of these chickens is of mixed colors like golden and red brown mix. The wings are usually brown in color and sometimes pale white. This makes the color of wings different from the entire body. The unique feature of these chickens is small wattle and straight comb. The color of their legs is flesh color.

Sulmtaler Chicken Life Expectancy

The life span of Sulmtaler chicken is average. The chickens usually live for about 7 to 8 years. After completing their life, these chickens may die with or without any health issue. Mostly people like to keep them for commercial use but some people keep them at home for eggs and meat. As these are dual purpose chickens. The life span of Sulmtaler chicken is usually short but these chickens serve eggs throughout their life. These chickens are fast in reproduction and produces large amount of eggs per year. This increases their worth.

Sulmtaler Chicken Price

Sulmtaler chicken is a very calm chicken breed and is not aggressive at all. These chickens are expensive because of their meat production benefit. The meat of these chickens is sold in market at high rates. There is a lot of nutritional values in their meat. There is a rate decided in every area of country. The average rate of Sulmtaler chicken per kg is $35 euro’s. When we covert this amount, it becomes $52 CAD per kg. This rate per kg is multiplied with the total weight of rooster or hen, and the final price can be calculated.

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