Ladoum Sheep Characteristics, Origin, Weight, Height, Temperament

Ladoum sheep is a fancy breed. These Ladoum sheep are affectionate, friendly, and docile. They have no wool on their body. The outer layer of their body is skinny and has short hair. These Ladoum sheep are sizeable and majestic compared to the other sheep. Their resemblance and their features look like horses. They are medium to large. They have short tails and big horns compared to their heads. The Ladoum sheep are available in common white color with black and brown patches on their body. The Ladoum sheep like to live on dairy farms. 

    Ladoum Sheep Origin

    Ladoum sheep originated from Mauritania. In Mauritania, these sheep are well known by the name Touabire. The Ladoum sheep are available and present in urban areas such as Dakar and Thies. The Ladoum sheep can easily survive in a hot and cold climate. They live in the green areas. In these areas, the Ladoum sheep feel comfortable and happy. They do not require any special place. They like to live in groups. They are mostly available on dairy farms. You can buy these Ladoum sheep from your local dairy farms. These sheep can also live in your home's backyard.

    Ladoum Sheep Characteristics, Origin, Weight, Height, Temperament

    Ladoum Sheep Height

    The Ladoum sheep are big in their height as compared to the other sheep. If you want to measure their height from head to tail their height may vary from 3 feet to 4 feet. The male and female Ladoum sheep have the same height. Their height is considered the same as the horses. From the age of 8 months to 18 months, they mature. They do not grow more than 4 feet. The female Ladoum sheep is an excellent trainer for their lambs. The Ladoum sheep have long legs. That is why they have a better height than the others. 

    Ladoum Sheep Weight

    The Ladoum sheep is a domestic breed. People buy this breed from the farms on Eid-ul-Azha for sacrificing. These Ladoum sheep are heavier than the other goats, cattle, and sheep. The male Ladoum sheep are different in weight than the female Ladoum sheep. The male Ladoum sheep's weight may vary from 70 kg to 90 kg, while the female weight may range from 60 kg to 70 kg. The female Ladoum sheep are used for milk production. They produce the milk of 0.5 gallons to 1.5 gallons per day. They are also used for meat production. 

    Ladoum Sheep Temperament

    The Ladoum sheep are quite talkative, loving, and caring. Their loving behavior attracts everyone and people want to buy it. They do not feel comfortable living alone. When they live alone, they become sad and anxious. They are good companions. Other goats, sheep, and cattle like to live with them and also want to spend more time with them. The Ladoum sheep require moderate maintenance. They do not require any special care from the owner. They require high-quality food to live a longer lifespan. If you do not take good care of them, they will suffer.

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