Texas Longhorn Cattle Advantages and Disadvantages Facts, Price

Texas longhorn as the name indicates it is well known because of long horns. These cattle are multipurpose cattle. People usually use them as riding steers, as beef for food and as drought animal. Texas longhorn cattle are originated from feral Mexican cattle. Farmers usually keep them on farms for assistance. When feral Mexican cattle bred with Eastern cattle, then as result, Texas longhorn cattle was obtained. The closest relatives of this breed are Mertolenga and Alentejana cattle found in Portugal. This breed can be easily identified among other breeds because of their long length horns.

Texas Longhorns Cattle Advantages

Texas longhorns are calm by nature. The process of calving is not a problem for these cattle. The weight of calves at the time of birth is quite low i.e. about 25 kg. This low weight of calf leads to easy birth process. Texas longhorns have very good mothering qualities. These cattle are disease resistant and do not develop any disease easily. The life span of these cattle is longer than other commonly available breeds. Texas longhorn cattle are well known for their libido. Bulls, even in their old age, have the ability to make any cow pregnant. 

Texas Longhorn Cattle Pros and Cons Facts, Price

Texas Longhorn Cattle Disadvantages

There is a long list of advantages of Texas longhorn cattle but there are also some disadvantages of this breed. The main disadvantage of this breed is average weight and meat production. These cattle do not gain weight fast as compared to other breeds. This leads to less beef production and an economic loss to farmer. These cattle are not aggressive at all but are hard to control when these get angry. The rate of calving is very low. These cattle take a gap between two births. This is another disadvantage of this breed. 

Texas Longhorn Cattle Facts

Texas longhorn cattle have very appealing and intimidating appearance. Their personality is admired by various farmers. These cattle have long horns and these horns are their specialty. The average distance between two horns is about 7 feet (tip to tip). The average weight of these cattle bulls is about 900 kg and the average weight of cow cattle is about 545 kg. Bulls are usually heavier than cows. The available colors of this breed are black, grey and yellow. The color of their coat is different and the commonly available colors are red, black and white mix. 

Texas Longhorn Cattle Price

Texas longhorn cattle are demanded on an average level. Farmers appreciate the personality traits of these cattle but due to some disadvantages, these are not bought. Texas longhorn is one of the strains of longhorn cattle breed. The average price of these cattle recorded is 4500 dollars. The highest price of longhorn cattle recorded is about 10,000 dollars. The prices may vary depending upon the location, availability, demand and weight of cattle. In some regions, cattle are sold according to their weight. A fixed price is set per kg and then these cattle are sold expensively according to their weight. 

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