Dexter Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Dexter cattle are a special cattle breed found in the south western countries of Ireland. These cattle resemble a lot with Kerry cattle because of these breeds are considered the descendants of ancient Celtic tribes which is a black cattle of the past. This is an ancient breed which was recorded in the year 1845. The nickname of this breed is “Poor man’s Cow”. These cattle are usually miniature by size but the abilities of beef production and milking are excellent. These cattle are named after “Mister Dexter” who came to Ireland in the mid of 1700s. He settled in the County Tipperary.

Dexter Cattle Pros

Dexter cattle are ancient cattle which can be easily found in the books of history. These cattle are well suited for the harsh landscape of Ireland’s rocky areas. These cattle can survive on the low quality pastures as well but it does not affect its milk and quality meat production. These cattle have great mothering properties and can raise 2 calves at a time. These cattle are docile by temperament. These cattle can calve easily without any issues. I about 15 to 18 years of age, these cattle start mating and later calving.

Dexter Cattle Pros and Cons, Facts, Price

Dexter Cattle Cons

Dexter cattle are the advantageous cattle but there are some disadvantages too. The main disadvantage of these cattle is extra sensitivity and protection for their calves. These cattle may develop some health issues like some of the Dexter cattle may suffer from Chondrodysplasia. This is a health issue which causes dwarfism. This condition is not much harmful, but the size of breed reduces. Another common disease found in these cattle is PHA (Pulmonary Hypoplasia and Anasarca). In this condition, malformation of lungs appears and partial filling of these lungs with fluid is also found.

Dexter Cattle Facts

Dexter cattle are usually available in the black color because of their ancestors. These cattle are small in size and can reach up to 1 meter in height from shoulders. These cattle can be kept as a pet because of their miniature size. These are dual purpose breed which is often available in red color and dun colors. These cattle are naturally polled now days but in old breeds, these cattle were horned. These cattle were nearly extinct before but now, these cattle are again found in large sized herds. The weight of these cattle is 350 kg at most.

Dexter Cattle Prices

Dexter cattle are not too much demanded breed because of their health problems. But the ratio of disease in these cattle is low. These cattle can be expensive from the conventional breed. People usually buy them in bulk to reduce the cost. In bulk purchase, the cost per cattle reduces. The average price range of Dexter cattle breed is 1500 to 2000 dollars. These prices may go low up to 800 dollars per cow. The price of cattle may be affected by physical factors like age, size, weight and external factors like location and availability of these cattle.

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