F3b Goldendoodle Temperament, Size, LifeSpan, Adoption, Price

F3b Goldendoodles are multi-generation Goldendoodles. They can be obtained by crossing F3 Goldendoodle backward with a Poodle. F3b Goldendoodles are rare dogs and can be found on demand. Most of their characteristics resemble F3 Goldendoodle. Their temperament is more like poodles because they are almost 75% poodle and 25% Retriever (if the F3 Goldendoodle is 50% Golden retriever and 50% Poodle). Their fur coat is usually wavy and smooth like a poodle. They are non-shedders like a Poodle. They are also hypoallergenic. They are hybrid dogs but are rarely bred (on demand). People who like the characteristics more than personality can adopt them without a question.

    F3b Goldendoodle Temperament

    The temperament of F3b Goldendoodle is more like Poodles because of their parent dogs. They have a nice wavy coat that is smooth. They are calm as the other generations are. They have characteristic to learn things faster and this makes their training easy. They are perfect to keep at home because of their non-shedding and hypoallergenic property. But sometimes, they may shed a little. Their personality is more like a Poodle but sometimes, they resemble a Retriever. When they have dominant Retriever traits, they may get sometimes aggressive and their temperament changes accordingly. It totally depends on the genes they bear from their parent breeds.

    F3b Goldendoodle Temperament, Size, LifeSpan, Adoption, Price

    F3b Goldendoodle Size

    The size of Goldendoodle is a variable thing. As it depends on the size of their parent breeds. They are available in small and medium-size. The male and female dogs have a slight difference in their weights. The average weight of a male F3b Goldendoodle is about 45 to 100 pounds and the same is in the case of female F3b Goldendoodle. When we talk about height, male F3b Goldendoodle is a big large than females. The average height of a male F3b Goldendoodle is 24 to 26 inches whereas the average height of a female F3b Goldendoodle is about 22 to 23 inches.

    F3b Goldendoodle LifeSpan

    The hybrid and small-sized dogs usually live longer than the parent breeds. The life expectancy depends on the parents involved inbreeding. The average lifespan of an F3b Goldendoodle is about 10 to 15 years. After completing their lifespan, they can die a natural death or develop some disease (like in Golden retrievers).

    F3b Goldendoodle Adoption

    Adopting an F3b Goldendoodle is not a problematic thing in the current century but they are not available commonly at online sites and the pickup points. The most common in purchase points are rescue centers and shelter homes. The multi-generation Goldendoodles are rare and can only breed on demand. Sometimes they can be found in rescue centers, at a cheaper price than the pet shops. They are even trained and knows how to be with humans. They like to greet people and play with them. Their friendly nature makes them attractive to adopt at first sight.

    F3b Goldendoodle Price

    Prices vary according to the sizes of puppies. The litters are expensive as compare to the adult ones. The average price range is 1500 dollars to 4000 dollars. The micro or petite F3b Goldendoodles are around 3500 dollars to 4000 dollars. These prices may also vary according to the location.

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