Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Personality, Temperament, Size Comparison, Price

Mini lop and Holland lop both are domesticated breeds of rabbit. This is not the only similarity in them; they also share their signature large-sized ears. They differ in many ways like size, weight and behavior etc. The name of mini lop shows its size. The “lop” component in their names, brings them together. They lie under the same category of “lop” because they bear large-sized lop ears. Their ears hang loosely with their face. They are not the only two breeds having lop ears, but due to their close resemblance, they are mostly differentiated. Other lop rabbit breeds are German, French, dwarf and American fuzzy lop breeds. 

Mini lop vs Holland lop Personality

Mini and Holland lops have different personalities. Mini lops have muscular bodies with muscled limbs. They have full thick fluffy cheeks. Their nose is slightly sharp and protrudes more than Holland lop rabbits. The ears of mini lops are longer than the Holland lops. They are also different in temperament with each other. Holland is a small sized dwarf rabbit and weigh around 4 lbs whereas mini lops are known as basketballs having a head on top. The Holland lops are wide and have compact body shape. Well, mini lops have a round body and a large head bearing thick large sized ears. 

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Personality, Temperament, Size Comparison, Price
Mini Lop
Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Personality, Temperament, Size Comparison, Price
Holland Lop 

Mini lop vs Holland lop Temperament

Mini lops have different temperament than Holland lops. Holland lops are curious rabbits and like to explore things around them. They are zestful. They always look forward to the attention of humans. They are playful and like to socialize. Contrary to them, mini lops are calm rabbits and like to lie back for hours. They are mellow creatures. People who need a soft fluffy pet for their homes, can keep mini lops without any problem. Mini lops are suitable for home keeping. The similarity is the curious nature of both the breeds. This is the basic temperament of Holland and mini lops. 

Mini lop vs Holland lop Size Comparison

The difference in size is a main factor which separates them from each other. As the name indicates, mini lops are small-sized animals but here is the twist. Mini lops are actually not mini but the Holland lops are smaller than them. Considering their weights, Holland lops may weigh around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds but mini lops may weigh double to their weight. The average weight of mini lops is around 6.5 pounds. Contrary to Holland lops, mini lops have a muscular strong body but also fluffy. They are preferred as compared to Holland lops because of their temperament. 

Mini lop vs Holland lop price

Price is a variable factor which differs according to the breed, their size and their demand in the market. There are numerous other factors which affects price. As mini lops are more demanded in the market as compared to Holland lops. So the average price range of mini lops is about 30 dollars to 200 dollars. The new born are expensive as compared to the adult ones. The average price range of Holland logs is around 20 dollars to 400 dollars. There is not any drastic difference in their prices. Multiple online websites are trending to sell them at their desired price.

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