Californian Rabbit Facts, Size, Weight, Lifespan, Personality

Californian rabbit is a domestic rabbit breed. The other name of this breed is California White. In the year 1920, a man named George West developed a Californian rabbit in southern California. He bred Himalayan breed with standard Chinchilla rabbit breed, and then the resultant breed was bred with New Zealand Whites to obtain Californian rabbit. The purpose behind this breeding was to develop a unique breed for the pet show. The purpose they serve is meat production and fur production. It took almost 15 years by this breed to get famous and well known by the world. Today in the United States, this breed is widely raised.

    Californian Rabbit Facts

    Californian rabbits are white in colour and bear some spots on their body. They mostly resemble with Himalayan rabbit breed because it is the parent breed. Both these breeds share a white-coloured body with some visible coloured points. It is difficult to find any other colour of Californian rabbit. Their ears are big and erect. Their tail, ears, nose, and feet have some specific dark-coloured (usually brown) markings. Their body is muscular, and their shoulders are full. Their hindquarters are deep and wide. The texture of their coat is soft and silky. The Californian rabbits are known for their fur and meat.

    Californian Rabbit Facts, Size, Weight, Lifespan, Personality

    Californian Rabbit Size

    Californian rabbits are large in size. They have a large size muscular body that serves for the purpose of meat production. The overall body of the Californian rabbit is round and well compact. These rabbits are raised for commercial purposes. The ideal weight of a commercial Californian rabbit should be in the range of 8 to 10 lbs. They are primarily used for fur production but later in life; they are slaughtered to sell their meat in the market for benefit. Their size is not too big to handle but can be handled easily. They can be picked easily because they are not too heavy.

    Californian Rabbit Weight

    Californian rabbits are large size animals. The average weight of a Californian rabbit differs in both female and male Californian rabbits. The average weight of a mature Californian is about 5.45 kg, and the average weight of a mature Californian buck is about 4.9 kg. In comparison, the does are relatively heavier than the bucks. The growth rate is quite good. As they grow, they gain weight on a daily basis. Californian rabbits are beautiful and worth keeping because of their commercial benefits. They are fed the best food for better nourishment and growth.

    Californian Rabbit Lifespan

    The lifespan of Californian rabbits is 5 to 10 years. This lifespan is less than the average lifespan of rabbit breeds. There is a 30 days gestation period, and at the age of 7 months, these rabbits get mature. A single doe can breed again and again after every 90 days of life. The breeding rate is good. After seven weeks of age, these rabbits are mature enough to slaughter, and their meat is sold in the market. These are called fryers. Throughout their life, they are kept for fur production, but in the ending years of their life, they are butchered for meat.

    Californian Rabbit Personality

    The Californian rabbits are very beautiful animals. It is a wonderful breed with an easy temperament. They are calm, not sharp, and annoying. They can be kept as pets because of their gentle personality. They have a very good nature. They are playful and active. The Californian mothers have very good mothering abilities. The litters they produce are large of 8 to 12 kits. Farmers take them to pet shows to win the race and raise them sometimes as pets. In pet shows, they also advertise their rabbits and earn. But the main purpose is meat and fur production.

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