F1 vs F1b sheepadoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

Sheepadoodle is one of the commonest dog breed found. It is the mix of an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle. Both of its parent breeds are low shedders, so their resultant breed also shed minimally. They are the resultant dogs of the healthiest combination ever. When an Old English Sheepdoodle is bred with a Poodle they produce an F1 Sheepadoodle. This F1 Sheepadoodle when bred back with a Poodle, they produce an F1b Sheepadoodle. F1 Sheepadoodle is 50 percent Poodle and 50 percent Old English Sheepdog. But F1b Sheepadoodle is 75 percent Poodle and only 25 percent Old English Sheepdog. 

    F1 vs F1b sheepadoodle Temperament

    As mentioned in the above section, f1 sheepadoodle are 50 percent Poodle and 50 percent Old English Sheepdog so their temperament is also a mix of these purebred animals. On the other hand, f1b sheepadoodle tend more towards Poodle because of greater genes ratio. Both of these dogs are well-mannered and calm. They are intelligent and smart. They pick up things really fast. They need regular physical activity from the initial phase of life. This makes them mentally healthy. They like hiking and swimming. This makes them physically fit. These dogs are very easy to train. Their playtime should be fixed for the day. 

    F1 vs F1b sheepadoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

    F1 vs F1b sheepadoodle Size

    There are multiple sizes available in both f1 and f1b sheepadoodle. The size of the parent breeds matters a lot. If big size parents are cross-bred, the resultant animal will also be a big size. They are available in toy size, mini, and standard size. The average weight of a standard sheepadoodle is between 45 to 80 pounds. Their height may fall between 20 to 27 inches. The mini size sheepadoodle weight falls between 25 to 45 pounds and their height is almost 20 inches from the shoulder. The toy sheepadoodle weighs between 10 to 25 pounds and they are produced by crossbreeding a toy poodle with a mini sheepadoodle. 

    F1 vs F1b sheepadoodle Lifespan

    F1 and f1b sheepadoodle, both are hybrid breeds. They share the same lifespan. They may live from 12 to 15 years of being a healthy pet. After completing their lifespan, they may become ill and eventually die. This is the average lifespan for large dog breeds. Throughout their lifespan, they are loyal to their people. Their health should be maintained with a healthy diet and physical activities. They need to socialize at the early stage of life because it is necessary for their health both mental and physical. Their different sizes are good to keep with in the house and apartments. 

    F1 vs F1b sheepadoodle Adoption

    The adoption of both F1 and F1b sheepadoodle is easy. F1 sheepadoodle is preferred by people who have mild to moderate allergies because they may shed minimally. In the case of severe allergies, f1b sheepadoodle is preferred. Keeping in view the demand for doodles in the market, they are not easily available in the market. They can be rarely found in shelter homes. They are not among the most rescued dogs. Most people prefer to buy them from an experienced breeder. Adopting a newborn puppy is preferred because they easily adjust to you and the environment around them. They are also easy to train. 

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