Maine coon tabby mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

A Maine coon tabby mix is the crossbreed of tabby cat breed and Maine coon cat breed. It is a hybrid cat with a mix of traits. Just with the tabby appearance, it is hard to identify the Maine coon mix cats. Maine coon tabby mix cats have tabby coats on their body, and the patterns may be spotted, marble, blotched, or mackerel. They have ears that look like lynxes. There is some extra fur around their paws. This extra fur helps to distinguish them from other cat breeds. Brown-coloured tabby appearance is the most common among these hybrid cats.

    Maine coon tabby mix Personality

    The personality of tabby Maine coon mix is adorable. They are very loyal and affectionate to their people. These kittens wander around the house and make cute noises. They only make these cute noises when they are super excited about something. Even peeping out of the window makes them excited. These hybrid cats are easy-going with other animals. Maine coon tabby mix cats have personalities like dogs. Their size is big, that's why these cats are called “gentle giants” of their cat world. They are very smart. Their intelligence is another thing to be appreciated. They are always loyal to their people. 

    Maine coon tabby mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Maine coon tabby mix Size

    The size of Maine coon tabby mix cats is large. The average weight of a Maine coon tabby mix is in the range of 10 to 25 pounds. Talking about height, they may reach 40 inches from the shoulder. The size may vary from the given range. Despite their large size, they can be kept as pets. They are also good companion cats. They have very good adaptability to any kind of environment. There is an M shaped pattern on their forehead. There are multiple colours available in these cats. The main colours are red, patched, silver, orange, cream, and torbie colour. 

    Maine coon tabby mix Adoption

    Maine coon tabby mix cats are available at different pick-up points. These cats can be found at shelter homes, rescue centres, and at well-known breeders. High-level information is required while adopting these cats because their identification is a hard task. There are different colours of their tabby patterns. Maine coon mix cats are available in different tabby patterns. The most commonly adopted pattern is of Maine coon tabby pattern. You should look for a well-known and experienced breeder to adopt these hybrid cats. The prices vary at rescue centres and shelter homes. Breeders may demand a high price for your desired kitten. 

    Maine coon tabby mix Lifespan:

    The lifespan of a cat is a point to consider during adoption. The average lifespan of a Maine coon tabby mix cat is 12 to 18 years. Some of them may reach up to 20 years of age. These cats take time to grow as adults. They may take almost 3 to 5 years to develop into an adult. After growth years, they may start on putting weight. You may enjoy watching them grow into adults. These cats are also healthy cats. You can live a lot of years of your life with these sound cats. These cats are very good companions for life. 

    Maine coon tabby mix Price

    The price of Maine coon tabby mix cat varies according to the location, size, and the pick-up spot. When these cats are adopted from shelter homes, they are a bit cheap. Their price may vary from 75 dollars to 100 dollars if kittens are adopted their price range increases. These kittens are mostly bred on customer’s demand. People like to spend the most part of their life with their pets, so they adopt kittens instead of full-grown cats. The average cost of kittens is in the range of 200 dollars to 800 dollars. The price of adult cats may range from 400 dollars to 1500 dollars. 

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