Ragdoll tabby mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

Ragdoll tabby mix is a hybrid cat breed. It can be produced by breeding two totally different cat breeds. Its parent breeds can be clearly identified from their name, i.e. Ragdoll cat breed and Tabby cat breed. The Tabby cat breed has a tabby appearance. Their coat has patches or lines of dark colour. So a Ragdoll Tabby mix kitten also has dark-coloured tabs on its coat. This hybrid breed is rare and can be found after hard research work. Both the parent breeds are considered as long-lived breeds, so their mix is also called a long-lived kitten.

    Ragdoll Tabby mix Personality

    The personality of the Ragdoll Tabby mix is the mix of both parent breeds. They are gentle like Ragdoll cats and friendly like Tabby cats. Their behavior is so affectionate. They are very calm and cute by appearance. These are social cats. They like to make new friends. These cats are not demanding cats. They do not demand so much but time and attention. These can be good companion kittens if you form an emotional bonding with them. They are very intelligent from the tabby side. Both its parent breeds are good companion dogs, so their mix is also a good companion.

    Ragdoll tabby mix Personality, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    Ragdoll Tabby mix Size

    The size of the ragdoll tabby mix depends on the size of parent breeds. If the parent breeds are of large size, their mix kitten will also be of large size. The size of an adult tabby cat may not exceed 18 pounds. But in the case of ragdoll cats, they have large body frames. These cats are larger in size than tabby cats. A female Ragdoll cat may weigh between 8 pounds to 15 pounds. Their males weigh between 12 pounds to 20 pounds. It depends on the dominant genetics in mixed breed. Usually, their size tends towards Ragdoll instead of Tabby cats.

    Ragdoll Tabby mix Adoption

    The adoption of the Ragdoll Tabby mix is a hard task. These are rare cats. They can be bought from an online website or can be adopted from a rescue center. The kittens at rescue centers are a bit cheap as compared to a newly bred kitten adopted from a well-known breeder. These kittens are rarely available at shelter homes and pet shops. These are mostly bred on customer’s demand. The prices also vary according to the site you are purchasing from. Their adaptability is high. They can adapt to any kind of environment if you make an emotional bond with them.

    Ragdoll Tabby mix Lifespan

    The lifespan of the Ragdoll Tabby mix is more than 19 years. They may even live up to 22 years (in rare cases). The lifespan of both parents breeds matters a lot. Both the parent breeds are considered as long-lived cat breeds. So, the lifespan of their mix is also longer than usual breeds. The lifespan of short-sized and hybrid kittens is longer than the lifespan of large-sized and purebred kittens. Once these kittens are adopted, they may spend at least 20 years of their life as a good companion. These cats have an affectionate personality and are worth spending money on.  

    Ragdoll Tabby mix Price

    The price of Ragdoll Tabby mix kittens varies according to the region. The average price of a Ragdoll Tabby mix kitten is around 500 dollars. The prices of its parent breed are also high. These kittens are mostly bred on demand. So, a well-known breeder may ask whatever the price he wants. The prices at rescue centers are comparatively low. These cats cannot be found easily because of their rarity. The breeders are also low in numbers who are offering these kittens. These mixed kittens can easily adopt the environment because they need emotional support, love, and attention.

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