F1 great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

F1 great danoodle is the first generation crossbreed of a Great Dane and a Standard Poodle. These designer dogs are 50 percent Poodle and 50 percent Great Dane. These dogs are one of the famous hybrid dog breeds. They are bred to obtain the best of both parent breeds. They are very responsive and devoted. They are suitable for loving families. They have sturdy legs and large stout bodies. Their muzzle and head are elongated. They have round eyes that resemble buttons. They have curly and wavy coats like Poodles. Sometimes these designer dogs have wiry coats that look like Great Dane.

    F1 great danoodle Temperament

    The temperament of the F1 Great danoodle is very gentle. They are polite and modest animals. Their obedience is appreciable. They are gentle not only to people to the kids and other breeds as well. These dogs are fond of people, but they do not show their likeness by hopping, jumping, and licking their owner. Sometimes, these beauties may take time to accept any new person around them. They are smart, intelligent, caring, and affectionate creatures. They are always looking forward to making the small moments memorable with their little actions. In return, they only need your attention and praise for their actions. 

    F1 great danoodle Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan, Price

    F1 great danoodle Size

    F1 Great danoodles are large. Their size is dependent on the size of their parent breeds. If small-sized parents are crossbred, the resultant animal will also be of small size. The average weight of an adult F1 Great danoodle is in the range of 90 pounds to 110 pounds. When they are measured from the shoulder, they stand 28 inches to 30 inches in height. Their size is not suitable to carry in hands. So, you can take them out for a walk, jogging, trips, and picnics. These dogs are a great company. They can make your little trips memorable. 

    F1 great danoodle Adoption

    The adoption of these beautiful F1 Great danoodles is not a problem. You can easily find them nearly at every adoption spot around you. You can take help from an online website that can find you a nearby adoption spot. Try to visit at least 2 to 3 adoption points to evaluate the price and quality of the pet. Try to visit the pet yourself instead of ordering online. Check their complete profile, including tests conducted for their health. These dogs are very good with children and pets. So, if you are a family person, you can adopt them without any doubt.

    F1 great danoodle Lifespan

    The lifespan of designer dogs is usually longer than purebred animals. The same is the case with F1 Great danoodles. They have a longer life expectancy as compared to their parent breeds. On average, they may live for up to 13 years. The least lifespan is expected for around 8 years. For large-sized dogs, this is the perfect life expectancy. As compared to small-sized dogs, large-sized dogs live a shorter lifespan. There are fewer chances of transferring genetic health issues to these beautiful dogs. Still, in some cases, the designer dog may have genetic issues. So, keep taking them regularly to a vet for a healthy life. 

    F1 great danoodle Price

    These beautiful pets are available easily because they are one of the most demanded pets. If you are visiting a pet shop to adopt F1 Great danoodle, you may have to pay within the range of 700 dollars to 1500 dollars. If you are contacting a reputable breeder or online websites, then the cost may increase from 1500 dollars. Contrary to these adoption sites, rescue dogs are much cheaper. You can adopt them at the cost of 500 dollars or even less. Before adoption, make sure your pet is healthy. Check their health profile and ask about the breed carefully.

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