English Bulldog Poodle mix (English Boodle) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan

English boodle is a mixed breed that is produced as a result of crossbreeding a Poodle and an English Bulldog. The average size of an English Boodle is small to medium. It shows that a small-sized Poodle is used in crossbreeding. In the form of English Boodle, Poodle's intelligence is combined with the friendly personality of an English Bulldog. Hybrid dog breeds come up with the benefit of reduced health issues. These affectionate dogs are a perfect fit for kids. They have a silky and soft coat on their body that appeals a lot. Puppies are energetic, whereas adult English Boodles are calm.

    English Boodle Temperament

    The temperament of English Boodle is affectionate and kind. They are perfect family pets. They never get aggressive, so you can leave them with kids. They are playful and enjoy the company of kids. They are always willing to please their people and kids. They only require attention and love in return. They cannot live alone for longer duration. If they are left alone for longer, they may get depressed. They should be socialized at the early stage of their life. It will make them friendly, obedient, and mentally healthy. They are also familiar with other pets and strangers.

    English Bulldog Poodle mix (English Boodle) Temperament, Size, Adoption, Lifespan

    English Boodle Size

    The size of an English Boodle is small to medium. A small-sized Poodle is used for crossbreeding with English bulldogs. The size of a male English Boodle differs slightly from the size of a female English Boodle. A male English Boodle's average weight is in the range of 20 pounds to 15 pounds, whereas females weigh between 15 pounds to 50 pounds. Talking about height, the male English Boodle stands 12 inches to 15 inches from the shoulder. There is no difference in the average height of female and male English Boodles. Their size is big enough to leave with kids.

    English Boodle Adoption

    The adoption of English Boodles is perfect for families. They are great family pets. These dogs are playful and can spend all, say, playing with kids. They can be left out in the yard to perform physical activities. It will sharpen their mind. On weekends they become lazy and like to cuddle on the couch. They are affectionate and loving creatures. These beauties can easily tolerate rough and challenging things. Their gentle behavior with kids, pets, and strangers is appreciable. They are famous hybrid dogs that can be found at any adoption point. Adoption from a rescue organization is always preferred. Well-known breeders are at second number.

    English Boodle Lifespan

    The average lifespan of an English Boodle is from 10 years to 12 years. It is a short lifespan for a small-sized dog. Usually, the small-sized dog lives longer than 15 years. The health of the dog matters a lot in determining the lifespan. Some genetic health problems may inherit from parent breeds to hybrid dogs. The main advantage of crossbreeding an English Boodle is fewer health issues. They may get epilepsy, skin infection, and digestive problems from their parents. Accidents, mishaps, socialization, diet, and exercise are the main factors that affect the overall life expectancy.

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