F1b Saint berdoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

F1b Saint Berdoodle is a first-generation backcrossed mix dog breed that is obtained by breeding an F1 (first-generation) Saint Bernoodle with any of the purebred parent breed i.e. Saint Bernard or Poodle. In most cases, an F1 Saint Berdoodle is backcrossed with a Poodle to obtain a pet that is low shedding and hypoallergenic. An F1b Saint Berdoodle, if backcrossed with a Poodle, is 25% Saint Bernard and 75% Poodle. This percentage also defines the personality and traits of an F1b Saint Berdoodle. They mostly look like a Poodle because of their greater genetic contribution. 

    F1b saint berdoodle Temperament

    An F1b Saint Berdoodle is a mix of both purebred parent breeds. They are cheerful and loving dogs. They always try their best to make their owner happy and alive. They can be trained easily because they are intelligent like Poodles. These canines are charming and adorable. Small-sized F1b Saint Berdoodle looks more charming than large-sized dogs. They are affectionate like Poodles. They respond quickly to every instruction given by the owner. They are not aggressive and also not prone to bite others. They are super excited dogs and greet strangers merely. They are also very good with children and other pets. 

    F1b Saint berdoodle Temperament, Size, Lifespan, Adoption

    F1b saint berdoodle Size

    The size of an F1b Saint Berdoodle is unpredictable. Their size is dependent on the size of their parent breeds. They will be small in size if they are backcrossed with a toy Poodle. The average weight and height of an F1b Saint Berdoodle are estimated. An adult F1b Saint Berdoodle weighs in the range of 100 pounds to 200 pounds whereas they stand up to 30 inches in height from the shoulder. If they are small in size, their size range will automatically be small. These dogs are suitable to be kept at home with kids and other pets. 

    F1b saint Berdoodle Lifespan

    The lifespan of an F1b Saint Berdoodle varies from dog to dog. They have a longer life expectancy as compared to their purebred parent breeds. The smaller the size of an F1b Saint Berdoodle, the longer their lifespan will be. The average life expectancy of an F1b Saint Berdoodle is in the range of 8 years to 12 years. This life expectancy is suitable for large-sized dogs but small-sized dogs have a longer lifespan than this. Their lifespan is affected by multiple factors including inappropriate diet, lack of exercise, accidents, and mishaps. Genetic diseases can also shorten their life expectancy. 

    F1b saint Berdoodle Adoption

    The adoption of an F1b Saint Berdoodle is recommended for those who own a family. They are friendly with kids and other pets. They are also affectionate towards strangers. You can leave them with kids without supervision because they are neither aggressive nor bitey at all. If you have spare time for your pets, these canines are suitable for you. They can be adopted from a pet shop and a reputable breeder. Rescue stations and shelter homes are also recommended for adoption. Adoption from a rescue center is a noble and ethical gesture. They should be checked for their health before adoption because they may get inherited with some genetic health issues. 

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