Bengal Siberian Cat Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

Bengal Siberian cat mix is a hybrid of two opposite and interesting cat breeds that is Bengal cat and Siberian cat breed. These cats share almost the same lifespan. They also have the same litter size. Siberian cats originate from Russia and Bengal cats originate from the United States. Moderate maintenance is required for these hybrid cats. Siberian and Bengal cats share the same weight as well. There is a minor difference in the longevity of this mixed male and female cats. The female cat lives a shorter lifespan than the male cat. These mixed cats are very good companions as well. 

    Bengal Siberian Cat Mix Personality

    Bengal Siberian cats mix is energetic and friendly like its parent breeds. They are affectionate and cheerful. Like Bengal cats, they are curious and docile. They have a loving personalities like Siberian cats. These cats live an independent life. They are very social and could help you to make friends. They could also help to grow your social circle. Both parent breeds are intelligent, so they are mixed to obtain a hybrid with extra intelligence. These cats are easy to train. If you're looking for a companion. These cats are the most loyal ones. They are very responsive and quick learners. Their friendly nature attracts everyone around.

    Bengal Siberian Cat Mix Personality, Size, Lifespan, Price

    Bengal Siberian Cat Mix Size

    The hybrid cats share a mix of both parent breeds and the same happens in the case of size. Both parent breeds are medium to large in size so their mix also falls within the same range. The average weight of a male Bengal Siberian cat mix ranges from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. The female cat also weighs within the above-mentioned range. These male mixed cats stand between 20cm to 28cm whereas the female mixed cats stand between 18cm to 26cm measured from the shoulder. Their size is suitable to carry in social parties. 

    Bengal Siberian Cat Mix Lifespan

    Bengal Siberian cat mix lives a longer lifespan than its parent breed. There is a minor difference in the life expectancy of the male and female Bengal Siberian cat mix. A male mix cat may live from 9 years to 18 years whereas a female mix cat lives from 10 years to 15 years. Overall these cats are healthier than their parent breeds. There is a probability of inheritance of genetic diseases. To avoid these health problems, regular checkups from a veterinary doctor are required. You can also perform some necessary medical tests to find out their health status. 

    Bengal Siberian Cat Mix Price

    Bengal Siberian cat mixes are expensive like their parent breeds. On average a Bengal Siberian cat mix cast between 1000 dollars to 2500 dollars. These cats are expensive when bought from a reputable breeder. Rescue centers and shelter homes are the best options for a cheaper adoption. Their maintenance also needs money to be spent on them. The price may vary according to their size, adoption spot, color, and location. Their cost may also vary according to the availability of the cat. Due to their cost, these cats cannot be afforded by everyone. So you have to look at your budget before adoption.

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